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Beatrice J
BA in History and Politics from Oxford "“ New College. MA in Philosophy. Has helped over 50 students with Oxbridge applications.
"I love tutoring GCSE, A2 and A level History. Helping my students achieve the grades they deserve gives me immense pride and a huge sense of achievement. Success is building confidence in my clients and helping them reach their true potential."
Joined in 2016 156 Classes
Thomas B.
BSC Physics and Chemistry Princeton University. Qualified to teach Biology, Chemistry, Physics to a high standard and Maths and Further Maths to A level.
"I take students who are struggling with maths and science and turn them around so they learn to love them. I am passionate about online tutoring. It lets me develop a unique relationship with a number of clients and is proven to give real results."
Joined in 2016 109 Classes
Steve L.
Graduated from Yale University with a distinction in both Economics and Mathematics. Over 5 years of tutoring with over 200 + students.
"I have been teaching since 2011 and am passionate about the success of my students. I believe online tutoring can really help develop a strong relationship between the tutor and the student that can last throughout their academic career."
Joined in 2015 89 Classes
Paul B.
BA in English from Cambridge University. Currently studying for a postgraduate degree in Acting at LAMDA. Over 3 years of tutoring students from 11+ to A level from Hong Kong to the USA.
"I combine my love for the dramatic arts with my passion for English Literature in all my tutorials. My lessons feature strong communicative techniques and are highly interactive. I find that engaging students from the beginning in dynamic methods of learning provide the best overall results. "
Joined in 2015 143 Classes
Sophie R.
Honours graduate in Maths and Engineering from MIT. 5 As at A level in Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Economics. Experienced tutor with 4 years experience of Online Tutoring.
"I make sure that when I am teaching both the student and the tutor are enjoying themselves. I have helped many of my students achieve their grades and get into their top university choices. I believe that with the unique technology benefits that online tutoring offers, it is fast becoming the most effective method of education"
Joined in 2015 122 Classes
Lee P.
BA in French and Spanish (1st) Bristol. Bilingual in English and French and capable of teaching Spanish up to A level.
"I grew up in England with French parents. Teaching languages should be fun and enjoyable. Online tutoring allows me to teach my clients in a unique and dynamic way. I build the confidence of my students through my highly interactive approach to learning. I teach students to speak the language as well as making sure they are up to speed grammatically and in their written work."
Joined in 2015 169 Classes
Dominic P.
BSC in Organic Chemistry from Cambridge University. Currently employed in a large Pharmaceutical Company and about to apply for PHD at Durham.
"I have a passion for teaching and love bringing students up to the level they deserve to be at. The benefits of online tutoring for the sciences in particular are endless. When a student is able to bond and form a sustainable relationship with an excellent tutor the opportunities are endless."
Joined in 2016 112 Classes
Joseph R.
MA in Classical Studies Edinburgh University. PGCE qualified and currently full time teacher.
"My love for teaching and tutoring has grown all through my career. I love the relationship that can develop between a student and a tutor. Being able to give someone the confidence to believe in him or herself and achieve their goals is the best gift in the world and so rewarding. I have a huge passion for my subject and take great pride in every class that I teach."
Joined in 2016 118 Classes
Nicholas P.
MPHYS from Manchester. Biology, Chemistry and Physics A level.
"I am training to be a psychiatrist as my parents were before me. I love tutoring students and have a huge passion for people and helping them realise their dreams. Online tutoring allows me to work with individuals and find solutions to their problems. It is hugely satisfying when goals are achieved."
Joined in 2016 105 Classes
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