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About me

I like to bring enthusiasm and creativity to all that I teach. My academic background is principally in computing, my career has been in quantitative finance and latterly I have trained in theatre and the circus arts.

I have two children of my own aged 9 and 12 who I have, of course, taught many things - and have also learnt many things from them. I began tutoring by teaching one of my son's friends GCSE Maths.

Tutor Experience

I have been tutoring in person and online for the last 6 months and currently I have 9 students aged between 9 and 13 years old. Most of my new students come via recommendations from parents. Often I am asked to work with students who have lost confidence in a subject and so I begin by helping rebuild their confidence before branching out into new areas of learning.

For teaching to be successful I believe it has to be engaging and so I work hard to build a good rapport with the student to ensure they get the most out of each session. I like to work interactively so I can check the student is understanding the principles and ideas behind what they learn and are not just memorising facts.

Topic Expertise

My principal subject is Computer Science. I have been programming computers since I was 7 years old and although things have changed a lot, I have grown up with a deep understanding of the fundamentals of how computers work. I got a first in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence at the University of Birmingham and then went straight onto study a PhD in Computer Science at the University of Sheffield.

After receiving my PhD I went to work for Oracle Corporation where I was a consultant for 3 and a half years - building and deploying database and website solutions to clients in many different industries. After working for a while in Investment Banking I moved to a small quantitative hedge fund company where I worked for 14 years, finally leaving in early 2019 as a Director of Research.

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