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Passionate about making Political Science and International Relations accessible for all. An expert in IR, Security Studies, Russian politics, Central Asia, the post-Soviet space, and all things terrorism and counter-terrorism related. Fluent in Russian.

Recent Students: 10 Total Hours: 25 Last Online: 13 May 2021
All-time Students: 10 Total Classes: 24 Signed Up: 01 Mar 2021

About me

I aspire for an equal opportunity non-binary world, where everyone will have a chance to study what they are interested in without being judged on their appearances, gender, or sexual preferences. I am a firm believer in inclusive education and playful learning. Political Science is often seen as overly complicated and inaccessible, and I am here to show that learning about politics can be fun and enjoyable. Studying Political Science and even writing essays can be a way to find a lot about yourself (and get good marks!).

I have worked with special needs students, and I want to help support your various studies and private life's delicate balance. I believe in an individual approach to all students and aspire to provide a fair and just environment for everyone to learn, socialise, and discover themselves as human beings. Just let me know about any special learning requirements, and we will try to work out how to make your tutorial work for you.

I have a ginger cat that may or may not participate in tutorials. I never know what that cat is up to.

Tutor Experience

I believe in playful pedagogy and non-linear learning. I will tailor tutorials to your goals and needs, making sure you work toward your short and long term achievements. Political Science can be rather overwhelming due to a lot of specific terminology and acronyms used, so my goal is to turn that into a form that is easier to understand and incorporate into your studies and life. In addition to completing an MA and a PhD, I undertook a special tutoring course, which gave me the tools to personalise tutorials to an intended outcome.

I have experience teaching IR to students at different levels: both first-year students (a requirement) and those interested in pursuing specific IR subjects (an elective). For example, in Introduction to International Relations (POLS 104, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand) tutorials aimed to help students to work with the information given during the lectures. Tutorials were planned in a way that students would use the theories and apply them to everyday realities. For example, we would discuss news from different theoretical positions (realist, liberal, and constructivist) as we go through the schools of thought. Students found this activity rather exciting and helpful, as teaching IR can quickly become too theoretical and unconnected to the real world.

In another course, International Relations and Humanitarian Ideals (POLS 202, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand), we would talk about complicated and rather disturbing issues, such as genocide, ethnic cleansings, racism, inequality, and violence against women. Tutorials would consist of more in-depth discussions of these topics, quite often illustrated by documentaries, for example, Ghosts of Rwanda and documentaries on the Kosovo conflict.

Topic Expertise

International Relations (IR) and Political Science: my main expertise is in the following fields: Foreign Policy Analysis, Security Studies, Comparative Politics, Terrorism and Counterterrorism. I specialise in Russia, Central Asia, and the post-Soviet space.

Women, Gender, and Politics (especially the underrepresentation of gender in security and power politics). Feminism and intersectionality in IR.

Bilingualism: I speak Russian and English fluently which allows me to access twice as much sources for my research. Bilingualism can be extremely beneficial for succeeding in education and research if used to your advantage.

International Political Economy: my background in business and management allows me to analyse political events and strategies from different prospectives as politics and economics are tightly intertwined and influence each other in myriad ways.

Research methods: qualitative research, snowballing sampling, interviews, ethics applications for research in non-democratic countries, verbal consent, interview questions construction, filed work, incorporating bilingualism into writing and research.

Academic writing: creating an argument, supporting an argument, essay writing, editing for context, editing for scope, writing in political science, APA referencing.

Price: $65-75/hr

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PhD in Political Science: University of Canterbury (Christchurch, New Zealand), 2019. Dissertation: “Terrorism, Security, and Power in Russia: Domestic, Regional, and International Dimensions”. Available online at UC Repository
Fields: International Relations, Foreign Policy Analysis, Security Studies, Comparative Politics, Terrorism and Counterterrorism.

MA in International Relations (MIR): KIMEP University, Summa Cum Laude, 2013. Thesis: “Terrorism in the Modern World: An Evaluation of Female Participation in Terrorist Activity. Case study of Chechnya”.

BA in Economics and Business, major in Management (2:1), University of International Business (UIB), 2011. Thesis: “Social Responsibility as an Element of Corporate Governance on the Example of the Domestic Joint Stock Company”.

Interpreter diploma, Russian, English, Spanish, 2007, “Alatay” college (NVQ equivalent)


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