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I am a quantitative researcher who specializes in statistics and research methodology. I am a registered research psychologist and was a lecturer in research methodology and statistics for the social sciences. I am also an SPSS trainer and tutor SPSS from introductory to advanced topics.

Recent Students: 52 Total Hours: 423 Last Online: 30 Jul 2021
All-time Students: 168 Total Classes: 448 Signed Up: 24 May 2018

About me

If I was not a researcher I would have been a chef! I have three children, two at university and one still at school.

Tutor Experience

I have been lecturing research methodology and statistics for the past 30 years. I have also assisted hundreds of students with the statistical analyses for their dissertations. I have been doing SPSS training from beginner to advanced levels for 22 years.

Topic Expertise

Although my expertese lies primarily in the social sciences - Psychology and Organizational Psychology, any subject data can be analysed using statistics, which is universal.

Client Reviews

Sharon - Dissertations

awful.... no class connections via zoom and could not see the tutor

Nina - Statistics

As usual, Liezel gives me the support I need

Colin - Psychology


Dallas - SPSS

Great experience.

Saniya - Statistics

Excellent help with statistics on SPSS, explained very well.

James - Statistics

Fantastic. Liezel explained and demonstrated everything so clearly. Great stuff!

carla - Statistics

very helpful thank you so much

Nicki - Statistics

Liezel was super helpful, cheerful and efficient, working with me to analyse my masters degree data and undertake various statistical analyses. I found the recording really helpful so i could go back over bits we had covered to really understand them. She is a lovely ally to have when you are struggling with stats!

Isabelle - SPSS

Liezel did a wonderful job explaining SPSS to me. I definitely recommend her! Thank you so much

Irina - SPSS

Liezel is very professional and qualified tutor, real expert in Stats, and use of SPSS. Helped me to identify key areas for my assignment. Clear explanations, easy to follow, great people skills. I would recommend her to anybody. Overall fantastic experience.

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Bachelors degree in Psychology.
Honours degree in Psychology.
Masters in Research Psychology.
PhD in research Psychology.


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