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Hello, my name is Adrian and I am passionate about marketing, business and management. I have delivered tutoring to Masters, Degree and Diploma students at the University of Chester, University of Malta and Higher Education Institutes in the EU. I have helped more than 20 students to pass their Masters/Degree thesis.

If you are looking for a tutor who is experienced enough to help you understand the subject and determined enough to help you accomplish your goal, then I'm open to help.

Recent Students: 8 Total Hours: 101 Last Online: 16 Nov 2020
All-time Students: 8 Total Classes: 127 Signed Up: 12 Sep 2019

About me

It is my aim to be the best version of myself and help others be their own best versions. I dream and work towards a world where people and businesses spread love in the world to create a better world for humanity.

My practical experience includes having worked at a strategic level in a digital agency to build, sell, market and deliver marketing services to businesses. This helped me to get to know how different businesses in different industries operate. Here I have experience designing websites, developing new products/services, conducting sales meets, managing employees, delivering customer service and social media marketing.

Since the age of 21, I have been teaching and lecturing students of different ages. I currently or have lectured at Masters and Degree Levels in Marketing, Management and Business subjects at the University of Chester (through Global College Malta) and the University of Malta. I have studied at the University of Malta where I have read a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and BSc (Business & Computing).

Personally I love learning especially subjects like personal development, spirituality, marketing, business and life. I can say that I am a student of life who loves exploring its beauty and magic.

Tutor Experience

University of Chester: teaching MSc Management, MSc Marketing Management, MBA, BA (Top-Up) students Digital Marketing, Marketing Communications, Business Management, Innovation & Change and E-Business.

Global College Malta: teaching MBA, BA students E-Business, Marketing Management, International Management and Market Research.

Open University of Switzerland: teaching MBA and BA students Marketing Strategy and International Marketing.

University of Malta: teaching Business Degree students in Advertising and Design in Marketing and Web Marketing.

STC Training Centre: teaching Diploma and Vocation Students E-Business, Communication Skills and Computing Skills.

Dissertation Students: Provided supervision for Degree and Masters Thesis students at University of Chester, Global College and Open University of Switzerland.

Topic Expertise

Marketing Subjects: Here I can teach from the fundamentals and basics of marketing up to Masters level. Here I can provide tuition in:
- Marketing fundamentals
- Marketing Communications
- Marketing Strategy and Planning
- Marketing Analytics
- Digital Marketing (including Social Media, Strategy and E-Business)

Business Management Subjects: Here I can teach from the fundamentals and basics of business studies up to Masters level (Strategic Management, International Management, Innovation Management). Here I can provide tuition in:
- Business Studies
- Fundamentals of Management
- Management Skills
- Strategic Management
- International Management
- Innovation Management
- Entrepreneurship

Personal Management Skills: this includes personal productivity subjects and vocational skills subjects such as:
- time management
- communication skills
- academic writing skills
- degree thesis skills

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Always informative, a fantastic experience

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Very supportive, achieved allot in such a short period of time

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Extremely helpful

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extremely helpful

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making difficult subjects easy to understand

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Masters of Business Administration (MBA) University of Malta
BSc Business and Computing (University of Malta)


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