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University of Cambridge - Modern & Medieval Languages - 2nd Year Undergraduate


I aim to help develop tutees' language abilities in the most engaging and practical ways and based on my own personal experience of language learning.

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About me

Aside from my studies at university, I am an avid sports fan (a great way of practising the pronunciation of foreign names!) and am especially interested in football. In fact, I am currently in the process of applying to become a volunteer at the 2018 World Cup in Russia! I am also a big fan of music, having played the guitar for many years.

Tutor Experience

As a self-confessed lover of languages, I try to help develop not only tutees' language abilities but also their appreciation and enjoyment for one of the most important skills in an ever more globalised world. Through my own study of languages, I have learned that it is more than just reciting grammar tables, rather it is a vibrant exploration of the culture of a nation's people.
By using a combination of educational materials (i.e. textbooks, exercises, vocab lists etc.) and 'real life' examples of the language in action (in the form of newspaper articles, film clips, music etc.), I hope to develop tutees' knowledge of the language as it is really spoken and written; not just its distilled and artificial 'textbook form'.
I aim to provide an individual service, tailoring what I teach and the materials I use to each tutee's own particular needs.
Ultimately, having encountered obstacles to learning a language myself, I can appreciate how difficult the process can be sometimes! My objective is to help tutees overcome such difficulties in whichever way suits them best.

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