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Hi there!

I'm an Engineering Graduate from Oxford University who enjoys tutoring Maths, Further Maths and Physics to school students of all levels. When I'm not tutoring , I'm working as a Data Scientist at a big London marketing firm, playing football for my local team or out in Austria working as a ski instructor.

Please give me a call on +447506644163 if you'd like to discuss a tutoring opportunity with me. Python coding tuition is also available by request.

I look forward to hearing from you soon. Many thanks,

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About me

Outside of my studies I enjoy travellling and playing sport. Over the last summer I spent three months living and working in Rhodes, Greece on a scuba diving boat. If that sounds like fun to you then we'll have lots in common I'm sure!

While my maths is pretty good hopefully you won't find me to be the stereotypical "Oxford Nerd" with nothing better to do. My aim is to make the lessons as enjoyable as possible so that the time goes quickly.

Tutor Experience

I am known amongst my peers for my organisation and hard-work, two qualities I know are key to becoming a successful tutor. I have tutored briefly before and find the role incredibly rewarding.

Whether revising or learning new content I like to begin with a topic introduction/lesson followed by some example questions. Students then usually like to attempt some questions independently before having a follow up session to discuss their solutions and/or issues with the topic.

I found this approach very useful myself as a student - it's is exactly what we do at Oxford University as part of the lecture and 'tutorial' system.

Price: $45-55/hr

No upfront payments

Only pay as you go

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Degree: First Class, MEng Engineering Science, University of Oxford
A-Levels: 2A*s, 2As
GCSEs: 8A*s, 4As


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