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Universidade do Estado de São Paulo (UNESP) / Universidade Nova de Lisboa | Fulbright FLTA at University of Notre Dame (USA) - MA in Applied Linguistics - Brazilian Portuguese


I am the most enthusiastic tutor you will ever meet.

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About me

MA in Applied Linguistics from PUC-SP (Brazil). BA in Arts and Letters from Universidade do Estado de São Paulo - UNESP (Brazil) and Universidade Nova de Lisboa (Portugal). Has worked at the University of Notre Dame (USA) as a Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant of Portuguese, and is currently teaching Portuguese as a Foreign Language at a university in Brazil. Native speaker. Eight years of teaching experience. Loves travelling and meeting people from all over of the world; passionate about theater; and a recent financial book lover.

Tutor Experience

My real strength is sustaining the student's determination and interest despite the challenging task that is learning a foreign language; with great enthusiasm, I fit language learning into interesting and emotive subjects which show not only the language but also the culture and idiosyncrasies of the country.

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