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University of Cambridge - BA/MA English, Drama and Education - 1st Class


I am flexible, dedicated and personal in my approach, making what seems complex and alien seem relevant and applicable - and therefore more memorable!

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All-time Students: 109 Total Classes: 1000 Signed Up: 07 Dec 2016

About me

I am a writer and an actor, and have done work as a role player for corporate companies and medical students (playing simulated patients, pretending to have all sorts of conditions, which is generally quite amusing). I am out-going, love to go to the theatre (I review productions regularly), and am currently writing a play about various sociological issues (crime and deviance in particular, combined with issues of mental health - another psychology link!) because I find these subjects so relevant to modern society. I am also training to be a magistrate, given my interest in social and legal issues. I am an avid reader, generally of classical texts and man-booker shortlisted books, but have been known to enjoy more popular fiction (Gone Girl, anyone?) in my less snobby moments. I love baking as well, and trying new recipes, and come from Yorkshire, so obviously get out in the Moors walking around like a character out of a Brontë novel whenever I can. I also don't take life too seriously and enjoy a good laugh (because otherwise what's the point?).

Tutor Experience

I have tutored GCSE, A-level, Degree and Doctorate-level students on a range of subjects, although my main focus has been Psychology, Sociology, academic writing skills, Business Studies and Research Methods. I have written model essays for exam boards, proofread and edited work to be published, and worked on many dissertations and PhDs with university students.

For Psychology and Sociology, I adopt a systematic approach, and generally like to go over the material thoroughly, testing the student throughout, and spend time on previous exam papers and questions, planning essay answers, discussing how theories relate to real-life situations etc. I sometimes mind-map various themes and ideas with the student, and think outside the box as it were, to make sure that the ideas stem from the student's own work and thinking - so that they can remember it more fully and develop it in future (often students have more knowledge, ideas and insight than they realise, it just needs coaxing out of them!). I often tutor on coursework as well as examination preparation.

Topic Expertise

I have tutored for several years on the following subjects, including essays, dissertations and theses:

Psychology (A-Level to Doctorate level, including Counselling Psychotherapy)
Sociology (A-Level to Doctorate level)
Film & Media (Undergraduate - Postgraduate level)
Marketing and Business (Undergraduate - Postgraduate level)
Academic writing (proofreading, UCAS applications, CVs, and general English grammar, structure, and vocab skills)

I specialise in research methods, particularly qualitative data, including using thematic analysis, grounded theory, discourse analysis and IPA.

Client Reviews

Amandeep - Psychology

It was great! Amy is great, really knows her stuff and was able to provide me with a lot more confidence about how to move forward with my assignment.

Caroline - Psychology

Amy gave me very constructive feedback which helped make my essay more coherent and flow more smoothly. Amy's feedback assists in highlighting the key for and against arguments.

Mel - Psychology

Excellent many thanks

Mel - Psychology

Excellent work. Very helpful!

Mel - Psychology

excellent v helpful

Caroline - Psychology

As always, Amy gave me positive , constructive feedback on my assignment. Her comments are concise and easy to understand and implement. Thank you Amy.

Caroline - Psychology

Amy's suggestions were extremely helpful. A more concise approach has made all the difference to my assignment. I was very happy to know from Amy that I was on the right track. Her comments and feedback has helped considerably. Thank you.

Mel - Psychology

Excellent - helpful and informative

Mel - Psychology

I'm happy to be working with Amy again on my next degree ( MSc). She is kind, patient, and enthusiastic about the subject with a wealth of experience; and has a highly detailed eye for both the conventions of academic writing and proof reading a dyslexic adult students work.

petra - Academic Writing

Amy as always does what is needed and responds very quickly - Thank you again


Bobby - Amy is a phenomenal tutor she has helped me so much during with my final year of University. I was really struggling with my dissertation and i can't explain how helpful it was to have Amy help guide me, give me advice and motivate me throughout the whole process. She's very intelligent, very skilled at tutoring and goes above and beyond to help her clients! I wish I had found her earlier so I could have used her guidance for other projects in my second year ahaha ;) Thanks again Amy wish you all the best Bobby

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1st Class BA / MA in English & Education from the University of Cambridge (Christ's College)


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