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Brighton University and The Open University - BA (Hons) and BA (Hons) - Business Studies and History


My approach is to try to enable any tutee to be relaxed enough to leave the stress of school out of the tutorials, comfortable enough to voice any of their concerns, and engaged enough with the tuition to want to go that little bit further.

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About me

Economics and history interest me because they are two of the best ways to inform ourselves about why the world is the way it is. I enjoy tutoring these at A level because even if students aren’t hugely interested in them, they almost always have some interest in the topics as they chose to do them. Encouraging this interest in subjects I believe are so important is a great pleasure.
In my free time I regularly exercise by running, weightlifting, boxing and yoga and do a lot of walking around town when my schedule isn't busy. I love reading about history, politics, psychology and religion, as well as writing and keeping up with the news. To balance out all that serious stuff, I am also a big fan of good stand up comedy and always enjoy a good YouTube video of someone falling over in slow motion. People fascinate me and I am never bored.

Tutor Experience

Experienced tutor in A level economics and history. For 2018 and 2019 I was an official A level economics examiner for one of the two main exam boards. I have marked many mock exam papers for my tutees over the years, and this showed me a huge variety of candidate responses. I know the 'tricks' and pitfalls that students need to avoid and I ensure that all my students learn good exam technique in addition to the vital skills of evaluation and essay planning. Soon after starting as a private tutor I was engaged to teach the GCSE history class at a small independent school where I was head of history for two years. I have also taught A level economics at a local sixth form tutorial college. In both cases, I was responsible for delivering the entire syllabus and setting and marking the assessments and mock A levels/GCSEs as well as writing reports. I love what I do and if my students are even a fraction as interested in the topic as I am then I'm happy with that. I coach with the exams in mind but I ensure that the subject matter shows the fascinating side of the topics and that tutorials are engaging. I have tutored students of all abilities and have learnt that most of the barriers of learning are not purely academic. A great deal can be achieved when the correct approach is taken and I try to remove as much of my students' exam stress as is possible by making sure that the correct path is taken. I have been very lucky in my experiences and the wonderful tutees that I've met and I aim to learn from every one of them as much as I hope that they have from me.

Client Reviews

Arjun - Economics


Arjun - Economics

Good tutorial, Barnaby knows his content.

Kiran - Economics

Great tutor, would definitely recommend!

Janet - Economics

Very good at explaining things so that I understand them, and takes the time to think how to work through the concepts.

Efan - Economics

very effective in analysing essays and suggesting improvements to achieve top marks

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BA (hons) Business Studies
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