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My passion is to develop in students a commitment to their own life long learning and develop the associated skills to achieve their aspirations.

In tutoring, my goal is to support students to achieve to the best of their ability by helping them understand their role in learning, supporting them to develop the necessary subject specific skill competencies as well as content understanding.

Recent Students: 1 Total Hours: 156 Last Online: 29 Jul 2021
All-time Students: 6 Total Classes: 136 Signed Up: 21 Oct 2019

About me

As a global citizen, born in the UK, emigrating to Australia and spending time travelling through Africa, I have been enjoying teaching in Prague and Monza, near Milan in Italy over the last five years. Now, back in Bunbury, south of Perth in Western Australia (WA), I enjoy the beach, playing golf and watching the world game, soccer!

Prior to teaching 10 years ago, I have worked in business for World Vision, Real Estate and run my own IT teaching company focusing on adults learning how to use computers! (Yes, that was a thing!). This moved me to focus on students learning and assisting them individually and in groups to achieve their highest.

I am passionate about learning for life and assisting others to find their learning style and techniques that help them to achieve their best.

Tutor Experience

My passion is to develop in students a commitment to their own life long learning and develop the associated skills to achieve their aspirations.

In tutoring, my goal is to support students to achieve to the best of their ability by helping them understand their role in learning, supporting them to develop the necessary subject specific skill competencies as well as content understanding.

Recent students have achieved over 80% in their university entrance exams with just a few sessions including some focus on exam preparation as well as content. Another student with a commitment to her own success achieved a 7 in IB Business Management with one on one teaching over only one year, where I coached her to develop and apply her learning to achieve her desired results. In 2020, through Spires I coached a student for a few months on her Business Management IA which facilitated her to reach a 7!

In the initial free meeting, I will help students to identify and plan their learning goals, then coach them to achieve those goals in future lessons. I also seek to engage with parents from the beginning to ensure students have as many levels of support for their learning as possible.

Topic Expertise

With my business experience of over 25 years and teaching of business topics throughout my teaching career including IB DP Business Management, IGCSE Business studies and Commerce (with focus on Uni prep in Western Australia (WA) most recently), I have tutored and taught classes across Europe and Australia.

My Economics teaching began over 10 years ago in WA assisting students achieve WACE results both in class and online. Over the last four years the focus has been on IB DP Economics for two international schools in Prague and Italy. From 2020 I resumed teaching WACE Economics in WA as well as tutoring five Spires students weekly, coaching them to find the most important study skills for them as individuals.

In addition, I have taught IB MYP integrated humanities for the two years in Italy which includes elements of Economics, Business, Geography and History, as well as incorporating the Sustainable Development Goals which I believe are relevant in all the subjects I teach. From 2020, I have been responsible for over 100 students learning Humanities and Social Studies (HASS) online for one day a week.

For those also seeking advice on Extended Essay’s in the IB, I have been a school supervisor for all subjects and welcome the opportunity to assist in your preparation for EE’s.

Client Reviews

Annabelle - Economics

First session after a long break - We caught up on where I am up to, and made a plan for revising for the upcoming trial exams. Very helpful, thank you

Annabelle - Economics

We went through my chosen article for my economics IA and discussed advice for writing my first draft. Super helpful, thanks!

Claire - Economics

I have a better understanding of demand and supply through this class

Claire - Economics

The lesson is very helpful for me to set plans for my summer holiday and we went through some content for opportunity cost.

Kenji - Economics

Over the course of the 6 months Mr. Y helped me get through a lot of economics revision and towards the end, also helped me with other academics and time management. Practicing writing for exams was difficult but helped in my mock exams as well. My original goal to get a passing mark was exceeded and I am very happy with how my understanding of economics has gotten broader and deeper.

Kenji - Economics

Today we looked at a presentation on how humanitarian aid works in real life with the UN. There were interesting points about how tied aid is not as bad as in theory as it does not pressure the local food market. Mr. Y also gave me some advice about taking on a more economic approach and also more generally, choosing universities.

Josephine - Business Management

Thank you very much for your help on my IA and constructive feedback, i can see that it has improved a lot!

Josephine - Business Management

Thank you vey much for you help on my IA I think its really good now and almost finished!

Tyra-Ashley - Business Management

Today's lesson had a major focus on the CUEGIS for paper 2, section c. Mr. Youngman continues to find more effective and alternative ways to best explain concepts a student may struggle with. It was once again a very productive lesson and I look forward to continuing with the finance aspects of the case study next week.

Tyra-Ashley - Business Management

The lessons continue to be very well planned out in advance, to ensure efficient use of time. Mr. Y has continued to be very flexible and best adjust to the needs of the student. He has done an excellent job of encouraging multiple approaches and perspectives to analyzing case studies and providing the student with an opportunity to form initial and independent considerations and thoughts. I look forward to the next lessons in preparation for the final exams!


Twin students testimonial (Australia): We had an important commerce exam incorporating theory and practical aspects of economics. As we were feeling quite anxious about the exam and were required to pass, we contacted Mr Y. In the tutoring sessions with him, we covered a number of topics and the materials provided, where he explained them, used examples and helped relate them to everyday life which enabled us to gain a better understanding of the topics. Mr Y also helped tutor us online and over the phone, where he provided support and unpacked anything we had trouble understanding. Overall, the tutoring sessions significantly helped us to not only pass the exam, but achieve above average grades.

Parental testimonials from Italy (2019) Italian parent (now in USA): I met David when my daughters where studying at ISM International School of Monza (Italy), he was their teacher for a fundamental course that is Individuals and Society in IB program. I found him being a challenging and supporting teacher, who could stretch students toward their potential. What I found also very interesting was his constructive way of discussing with us, parents, receiving and giving feedback for mutual growth. It is not so frequent for teachers to recognize they should tune up their style in order to get the best out of students but David really did and this for a teacher, that has a leadership role within the school and with students, is a great resource. I really enjoyed to interact with him and sure he will will do great in his new assignments around the globe. Spanish parent (now in Spain): Mr. Youngman was my son's teacher for two years in Milan. He completely changed the concept of teaching that I had with an innovative approach focused on the development of key competences in today's society such as critical thinking applied to the analysis of information from different sources. His activities were very similar to small projects of my company: defining the what and establishing objectives but leaving the how to the student and requesting a final self assessment to ensure they were meeting all the requisites. Using curiosity and critical thinking manages to motivate and engage the student. David has managed to leave an indelible mark on my son, becoming that lighthouse so important for a teenager. Thanks David for helping me in educating my son.

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Master of Business in Information Innovation
(RMIT - Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology)

Graduate Diploma in Education Secondary
(Tabor College, Melbourne Victoria)

Higher National Diploma in Business and Finance
(Suffolk New College, Ipswich, UK)


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