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University of Manchester - Civil Engineering, PhD - MEng Civil and Structural Engineering (1st class, 2015)


Enthusiastic and dedicated engineer who's aim is to get everyone to love and enjoy maths and physics. I teach how to learn not what to write.

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About me

I am a PhD candidate at the University of Manchester in Civil Engineering. I grew up in a family of teachers and have been tutoring friends at school or other students since I was 16. I am passionate about helping students understand and enjoy maths and physics. My principle aim when tutoring is to build confidence, understanding and enjoyment in the subject.
I completed my education in French and as part of that I studied French language and literature.

My background in engineering means that I love solving problems but also understanding where they come from. For me, Maths and science are exiting because of how they interact with everyday activities. I have a passion for understanding how things work and how people adapt to the world around them. As a teaching assistant at university I love nothing more than inspiring students to find their passion in the subject they are studying.

As a tutor my main aim is to provide students with confidence in their own abilities as well as to make the subjects relevant to their interests. My first goal when meeting new students is to find out what gets them exited, and to use that to tailor the questions and examples I use as much as possible

I have a diverse set of hobbies including music, martial arts, hockey and netball which can help in finding common ground with students to develop the initial relationship.

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