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LMU (Munich), Oxford University - Neuroscience, Experimental Pscyhology - MSc, BA

Doing my PhD in Neuroscience, Psychology and Product perception, I'd love to help you open up your best sides and come to learn psychology and all things science related.

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About Me

My path to where I am now (doing a PhD in neuroscience) has been very scattered: I started studying psychology and gradually build my way up to this totally different discipline. And overall, this is how my life is: trying everything until I find what my true calling is.

I have recently opened a school of Neuroscience for high-schoolers, which was a massive success, and attracted an international audience as well as media attention.

I am very open myself and I believe in openness and honesty with my tutees, as well as having fun!

Oh, and I bake (not very good, but you try till you succeed!) :)

Tutor Experience

I have over 6 years of tutoring experience, both online and offline, and I absolutely LOVE teaching. Nothing gives more joy than being able to share your knowledge and allow others to reach their true potential!

I am a neuroscientist and psychologist by training. The nature of my professional qualification allows for my broad knowledge of natural science, psychology, neurobiology, research methods, and academic writing. Additionally, my PhD at the moment deals with how our brain integrates senses when we see products and labels, so I also have avenues of knowledge and expertise in Marketing and product design.

I have tutored psychology, neuroscience (cognitive, behavioral, neuropsychology), research methods (design, acquisition, analysis, understanding) and academic writing (being able to put all of the above into the high standard writing required from the academic community).

As an Oxford graduate, I can also consult on Oxbridge applications and help students successfully entered their Oxford University career with my help.

Tutoring stats 2018-2019:
Oxford Experimental Psychology entry: 5 successful candidates
Dissertations: 7, all marked 2.i and 1st
Essays: >10, average 1 class grade rise
Research projects: >10, average 1 class grade rise
Students tutored: 13

Client Reviews

she is excellent in explaining

- Psychology

Could not literally do this dissertation without your help, guidance, knowledge and support. Thank you sooo sooo much.

- Psychology

Today was my third session with Natalia. She's consistently been such a great tutor in helping me arrange my thoughts and build my confidence in academic writing.

- Psychology

Thank you Natalia

- Psychology

Extremely valuable, thank you so much.

- Psychology

Natalia helped me to better understand how can I start doing my dissertation in a very simple way :)

- Psychology

Great tutor - helped me with essay writing skills and how to structure an argument :)

- Psychology

Excellent tutor who has helped me with everything from stats to academic writing! So happy I found her :)

- Psychology

amazing! Natalia gave me such good feedback to improve my lab report :)

- Psychology

Natalia is an excellent teacher :)

- Psychology


"Natalia, I am just listening back to yesterday's class to get ready to slay today. I just wanted to say, you are really such a great teacher. " "Wow I cannot believe it! I got 86 I am so happy! Thank you so much Natalia you have been so helpful and I couldn’t have done it without you!" "Really informative session, answered all my questions, and was very supportive." "I always feel in safe hands with Natalia" "Extremely professional, gives very clear explanations, and is very supportive." "extremely helpful!!" "Another great class today! Really helpful as usual and have come away feeling very prepared and positive" "The class today was so useful and helpful! Natalia can help with any question or problem and explains things very clearly so that I understand it straight away. Natalia also sent me some resources which I find very helpful and I feel as though she is always willing to help!" "Natalia has a wonderful knack of just making things much simpler! So glad I found her." "I learn most through structured lesson plans with lots of discussions. Natalia provides both this and lots of analogies that together makes learning feel creative enough to be fun while ensuring learning outcomes get met. 10/10" "Really helpful and pateient!!"

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BA Experimental Psychology (University of Oxford)
MSc Systemic Neurosciences (Graduate School of Systemic Neurosciences, LMU)
PhD Researcher in Multisensory Integration and Perception (Fraunhofer IVV Insititute)


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