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Having just gone through the strenuous admissions process myself, I am in the perfect position to help my students succeed.

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About me

I was the only interviewee who couldn't answer the problem solving question.

I visited McDonald's every day for a month during exam season.

I ate Natalie Dormer's birthday cake

Tutor Experience

The TSA, when taught correctly, is actually a very simple exam. Once a student understands exactly what to do for each question type there really isn't much else to it. My years of tutoring GCSE maths has allowed me to hone my teaching skills in order to clearly communicate the TSA technique. I firmly believe it was my abilities in the TSA that set me apart from other candidates and helped me secure my offer.

Mock interviews are essential to getting an Oxbridge offer. It is hard to predict the exact nature of your interview as different tutors take different approaches. Therefore, by having different styles of mock interview, you can walk into the real one in confidence.

Many admissions tutors will tell you that the personal statement is the least important aspect of your application however it is one of the most difficult to get right. I will approach this as a perfectionist and help students to iron out every single issue before it is sent off.

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