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About me

Hi, thanks for taking the time to have a look at my profile. Here’s a quick introduction into me:

I have 20+ years’ experience in management consulting, concentrating on strategy, finance, and economics. I left corporate at the end of 2019 to give 100% attention to my coaching and tutoring practice.

I have 6 years’ experience supporting students, from undergrad to postgrad, with their academic work, tutoring in finance, strategy, and economics. I have a particular interest in behavioral economics, neuroeconomics, and game theory.

My work in management consulting armed me with valuable tools for developing arguments and critical thinking. Using these and other skills such as formal logic and philosophical reasoning, I help students develop logical, well-structured, and robust dissertations and theses.

I’m a certified ICF accredited life coach, so aside from me supporting students with their academics, if they need it, I help them create goal-orientated work plans, with accountability landmarks.

I’m also a scuba diving instructor, mindfulness and meditation teacher, and TED Talks addict.

Tutor Experience

In 2011, I started training management consultants in Hypothesis-based Consulting / Argument Structuring and Reasoning / Formal Logic. The ability to construct logical and defendable arguments in solving complex problems, relies heavily on knowing which type of argument to use, how to structure them properly, and most importantly, knowing how to ask the right questions.

Some of the consultants I was training were also busy with further studies, usually masters, doctorates, and MBAs. They started asking me if I could help them apply the same thinking and skills in developing the frameworks for their theses. As this was a natural extension of my training skills, by 2015, I had started working with students, helping with their essays, dissertations, and theses.

Knowing that my key consulting expertise were economics, finance and strategy, consultants, mostly MBA students, started asking for my hep on their assignments. So, I ended up tutoring them on content in addition to critical thinking skills.

I have more than 2,000 hours tutoring and training.

Topic Expertise

1) Economics : Microeconomics, macroeconomics, managerial economics, game theory for economics, behavioral economics & economic history.

2) Corporate finance & financial decision-making.

3) Business science & corporate strategy.

4) MBA students all courses.

5) Critical thinking, argument structuring & formal logic: Dissertations & thesis.

Client Reviews

Daniel - Economics

Great class as usual

Esther - Finance

I finished my class with Paul better informed about the subject areas I was struggling with and much more confident. He took his time to ensure I understood everything and went at my pace. He cared more about my understanding of the subject than the time it took to teach it. That meant a lot. Thank you

Daniel - Economics

Great session

Juliette - Economics

Great class, Paul very clearly explained the economic concepts.

Jarryd - Finance

Thorough and insightful, his teaching goes above and beyond!

Jarryd - Finance

Great class, Paul was very thorough and really knows his stuff with perfect explanations.

Andrew - Business Studies

One of the best lessons I have had in business studies - engaging and insightful, and information communicated in a way that made me want to learn more! Thank you!

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