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Professional in Computer Programming (MATLAB, PYTHON, C/C+++), Digital Image Processing, Digital Signal Processing, Digital Electronics, Analog Electronics, Engineering Mathematics, Trigonometry, Coordinate Geometry, Linear Algebra and Proggressions

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I have 20 years + experience in teaching (online as well as off-line) various subjects including Computer Science and Programing (MATLAB, PYTHON, C/C++) along with Analog and Digital Electronics, Digital Image and Signal Processing, Engineering Mathematics, Linear Algebra, Coordinate Geometry and Trigonometry. By academics, I am Post Graduate (M.Tech. in Instrumentation (1998 pass out with 73% of Marks) from National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra (Haryana) INDIA).

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15 Years

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Computer Programming (MATLAB, PYTHON, Embedded System, C/C++), Engineering Mathes, Digital Image and Signal Processing, Analog and Digital Electronics, Trigonometry, Coordinate Geometry, Linear Algebra and Progressions

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M. Tech. Instrumentation from NIT, Kurukshetra, INDIA in 1998 with 73% of Marks.


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