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I write an average of 5000 words a week, so I'm in the habit of constantly reading and writing. I'm a patient and thorough teacher, and I'd love to help you improve your results.

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About me

I'm bilingual (Farsi and English) and passionate about cultural studies and art, including cinema, cinematic TV, and fashion. I am also a freelance journalist and video-journalist, and write short stories in my spare time. I have several years of experience in the radio industry.

Tutor Experience

Having just graduated from Oxford at 21, my experience so far has been part-time. During summers away from studying, I worked with both GCSE and A-Level students of English Language and English Literature. My age gives me an edge when working with this age group as we relate to many of the same things, and therefore understand things using the same points of reference.

I also have extensive proofreading experience, ranging from UCAS personal statements for a full range of subjects, to undergraduate final year dissertations and mature academic papers.

Having used several tutoring websites, I have yet to collect reviews on Spires, but several clients have agreed to provide a personal testimonial if required.

My approach is that grades can be achieved using a systemic, technique-based approach, especially at school level. I bring energy and enthusiasm to the process of learning these techniques through an emphasis on how literature interacts with human history and cultural movements both old and modern, because literature is an aspect of popular culture.


Here are how my tutors at Oxford describe me. Kantik Ghosh, MA (Oxford), M. Phil., Ph. D. (Cambridge), Associate Professor, Stirling‐Boyd Fellow and Tutor in English, Trinity College, University of Oxford (17 July 2017):[Sharifi was the recipient of a College Exhibition (an internal scholarship) in recognition of her distinguished academic performance. Sharifi, who was under my direct academic supervision from 2014, was a keen and intelligent student, and a perceptive reader of literary texts. Oxford students have to operate under high pressure to a demanding schedule, and Sharifi acquitted herself with distinction. For the English course, students have to be able quickly to process large quantities of sophisticated textual information including theoretical concepts and linguistic and historical data, as well as formulate precise arguments supported by appropriate evidence and analysis. Sharifi’s written work was thoughtful, substantial and lucid, and she was assured and articulate in class. Sharifi has considerable potential for high academic achievement. I recommend her with warmth and enthusiasm.] Beatrice Groves, BA (Cambridge), MSt, D,Phil., (Oxford), Tutor in English, Trinity College, University of Oxford (17 July 2017): [Niloofar Sharifi would make an excellent tutor. She is astute, creative and original; and a first-class student of literature. She is also full of enthusiasm for the subject in a way that will make her an inspiring tutor.]

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BA in English Literature and Language from University of Oxford, with a high 2:1 (68%)


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