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About me

I completed a degree in Chemistry followed by a PhD in Synthetic Organic Chemistry. After 5 years postdoctoral research in natural product synthesis and including running Continuing Education short courses I was appointed as a Lecturer in Organic Chemistry. I taught undergraduate to postgraduate organic chemistry and general chemistry for non-specialist first year students. My research included developing new synthetic methods and transition metal catalysts combined with natural product synthesis. I then completed interdisciplinary research at a research institute for 5 years before training as a GTP Secondary Science teacher on relocating to get married.
I have taught in state and independent schools as a KS3 Science and KS4 Science teacher specialising in Chemistry to A level and Oxbridge entry. During the last 5 years I have developed my own business as a Tutor for Science for KS3, KS4, Common entrance exams specialising in Chemistry for A level students and undergraduate Chemistry students. I have acted as an examiner for 3 exam boards during the past 8 years and am currently a Practical Endorsement Visiting Monitor for A level Chemistry.

I am DBS certified and have a registered portable DBS certificate. I am a member of the Tutors Association.

Tutor Experience

I have taught science as a fully qualified teacher for secondary school education since 2006 and am also a qualified higher education lecturer. I have extensive teaching experience in schools as a science teacher, specialising in chemistry, and at university as a lecturer in organic chemistry. I have also worked as an examiner at both A-level and GCSE. I am a member of the Tutors Association.

At A-level I have taught the entire chemistry course for AQA, OCR (A) and Edexcel. I am familiar with the Pre-U, and Cambridge International and IB A level chemistry courses. Past students have received tuition for AQA, Edexcel, OCR (A & B), Cambridge International and IB examinations and achieved the highest grades. I have helped students prepare for Oxbridge interviews through extension lessons beyond the A-level specification, and coached students for technical interviews.

I have taught chemistry, biology and physics at GCSE in schools and online for the AQA and the Edexcel IGCSE specification. I have also taught introductory chemistry for non-specialist undergraduate students, as well as organic chemistry and analytical chemistry to students at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

I have tutored students for GCSE and A level for over 15 years and have 8 years’ experience using online tuition through specialised online tuition classrooms or combining Skype with the Scribblar platform. I have over 600 hours experience using online tuition nationally and internationally.

Topic Expertise

Chemistry Secondary to A level and university for undergraduates specialising in Organic Chemistry to Post-graduate level
GCSE and IGCSE Physics as a QTS qualified Science Teacher
KS3 Science: Biology, Chemistry and Physics
Entrance: Common Entance Science and Oxbridge Chemistry

Client Reviews

Kesja - Chemistry

Thank you very much!

Brigidene - Chemistry

Excellent tutor -very thorough and very patient! Thank you Alastair

Atsushi - Chemistry

Alastair is very experienced and good at teaching in interactive way for better understanding.

Kesja - Chemistry

Thank you very much for your help. The concepts were explained very well.

Brigidene - Chemistry

Alastair is an amazing tutor, who explains everything in detail, is very patient and uses examples from every day life to contextualise the content. Thank you so much Alastair!!

Isabella - Chemistry

Alastair is friendly, I felt comfortable asking any question. He explained things well, giving context to what he was explaining.


Written by Gary W Alastair tutored Albert for 2yrs and we both have nothing but praise and good comments to make. Without Alastair’s tutoring Albert said he would not have achieved his grade. On a personal note we both liked Alastair very much and would highly recommend him. Subject: Chemistry Outcome: My son achieved the required grade to study Medicine at Manchester University

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BSc (Hons) Chemistry: University of Exeter
PhD Chemistry : University of Southampton
Certificate in Teaching in Higher Education: University of Wales, Bangor
QTS: GTP Secondary Science Teacher - South West London Partnership


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