Biological Sciences BA

I am a very enthusiastic and personable tutor with a passion for science, including experience working at a high level of biology in several countries.

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I absolutely love sport, my main passion is tennis and I have played since I was 4 years old. The beauty of an individual sport, such as tennis, is that the skills and methods I have learnt in order to become a good player and perform at a high level had to be discovered and worked out for myself. Developing my own methods for navigating matches and experimenting with what works best for me allows for a very detailed understanding of how to be successful, and I have applied this understanding by working alongside my tennis coach teaching younger members of the club. This mirrors how I have had to work out my own techniques for studying as the support offered by my school was limited and this greater understanding of the process of learning would be an asset as a tutor. Having said that, team sports are a blast. I love getting out on the football field and having fun with my friends whenever possible and it's a great way to keep fit. I also love languages and am trying to rediscover my french at the moment; though I may be the tutee rather than the tutor for a little while in this subject!

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Fleur - Chemistry

Really good lesson.


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Biology BA- University of Oxford (2.1)
Biology OCR A-level- A*
Chemistry OCR-B A-level- A*
Physics OCR A-level A


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