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Not only do I understand mathematics, but I also understand why others might not understand it. This is what sets apart the great from the good.

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About me

I am a Mathematician turned Lecturer turned Data Scientist. But that only scratches the surface: I have a wide range of interests and hobbies: effective altruism, board games, swing dancing, juggling, history, economics,...

To find out more about me, you can visit my personal website at www.lovkush.com

Tutor Experience

My experience is wide-ranging, but includes:
--3 years of lecturing STEM Foundation Year students at the University of Leicester.
--1-1 tuition for A-Level maths, IB maths and university maths (from 1st year to Masters level)
--Mock Oxbridge interviews and preparation for STEP
--UKMT Mentoring

What distinguishes my teaching from most others is the following:
--Learning to learn. When you step back and reflect, it is absurd that we expect people to learn, without first being taught how to learn. There are many insights that can boost anybody's learning - no matter what the topic - and the two most powerful are the Pomodoro Technique and Spaced Repetition.

--Intuition. Most people treat mathematics as just about memorising some rules and then applying them. But mathematics is an intuitive subject and can be broken down into a handful of key ideas. For example, half of high-school maths can be explained by this idea: 'to reverse a sequence of steps, reverse each step starting from the end'.

--Misconceptions. Mathematics is a brutal subject in which a single misunderstanding can hold you back. By asking a series of specifically chosen questions, I encover the misconception and build up from there. For example, many students incorrectly think that 'sin(x)' means 'sin multiplied with x'

--Limitless practice. Like improving in a sport, mathematics is a skill that requires practice and drilling to improve. Using the online tool Numbas, I create tailor made and fully randomised exercises. The system automatically marks the students work, giving them immediate feedback, and can then give brand-new questions to practice further.

Topic Expertise

My expertise lies in the two extremes: teaching students who are particularly talented and students who are particularly struggling.

For talented students, I know exactly how to push them to reach their maximum potential.
For the students who struggle a lot, my skill is in being able to determine precisely which skill or piece of knowledge is holding them back, and then building up from there. Often this means going back to the absolute fundamentals, like addition and multiplication.


"The way you teach maths is truly revolutionary." "You ask me questions which even if I don't know, I have to try and think of an answer. Pushes me to think more independently." "Detailed. Great at testing my knowledge. Takes time to help and to know me and learn my weaknesses." "Content was clearly explained and easy to follow. Plenty of support available. Also Lovkush is pretty cool."

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PhD Pure Mathematics, University of Leeds
MMath Mathematics, University of Cambridge


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