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With a PhD in Pure Mathematics, I have an incredibly deep understanding with which I can intuitively explain every detail.

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All-time Students: 4 Total Classes: 16 Signed Up: 24 Feb 2017

About me

Perhaps the thing which is most interesting about me is that my interests are varied and don't fit into a nice, stereotypical box.

A big thing I enjoy doing is playing games. I am a keen squash player and keep up with all the events on the professional circuit. I used to play a few PC games (e.g. TF2) but now I mainly watch a couple of Twitch streams (CS:GO and SSBM). Over the past few years, I have become an avid fan of board games, from the traditional games like Chess and Go to the unknown world of modern board games, like Food Chain Magnate and Codenames.

Like most people, I enjoy watching Netflix and movies. My favourite TV show by far is Breaking Bad, and am currently enjoying the 90's classic Fresh Prince of Bel Air. My favourite movie at the moment has to be La La Land - I have not been a fan of musicals before but this movie may have converted me!

I will end with a couple of other activities I am involved in. One is swing dancing, which I started about a couple years ago but have not done for a few months now (I have moved cities and have not yet tried to look for a new club.) The other is Effective Altruism, which is all about using reasoning and evidence to work out how best one can help others; for anybody who is interested, I strongly recommend googling `80,000 Hours', as they provide career advice from a perspective you are unlikely to find elsewhere.

Tutor Experience

I have provided online tuition for several years, and I teach maths at the University of Leicester since 2017. Below I describe two of my experiences.

Last Summer, a Foundation Year student at Leeds had to re-take their Calculus exams in order to continue with their degree. After a month of lessons, they not only passed their re-take, but achieved a first class result in the exam.

Last Christmas, I helped a Masters student at Warwick pass their financial statistics exam in January. This was a challenging task, because around 20-30% of the statistics at this advanced Masters level went beyond the statistics I had learnt in my Bachelor's degree. What made it tougher was that they had not done any statistics before, so they needed to learn the basics, too! Nevertheless, after teaching myself the new material, I successfully passed on the new-found knowledge, and the student went on to achieve a 2.1 in their January exams.

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