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I am an experienced faculty member in a university and a former Math IB examiner. I worked at CERN as a researcher during my doctoral studies.

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About me

Besides being a faculty member (Ph.D in Physics) in a university, I have been tutoring in Math and Physics for almost 15 years. Through out my research career, I also worked as a doctoral researcher at The European Organization for Nuclear Research(CERN) for several months during which I published a paper which later cited by the renown physicist John D. Barrow from Cambridge.
I can give detailed explanation on any subject in physics and mathematics which enables the students to use their reasoning capability and to leverage their ability to solve problems even with the first time seen examples. I am especially focused on IB(International Baccalaureate), AP(Advanced Placement), SAT and A Level students since they are highly motivated kids which makes both the student and the instructor work in a harmony. I am a former Math IB examiner and currently tutoring students across the globe including Canada, Germany and UK.

Tutor Experience

Besides my university teaching and CERN experience I have been tutoring students in math and physics from different levels ( IB, AP, SAT) for almost 15 years.

Topic Expertise

General Theory of Relativity and Cosmology which need extremely high knowledge of physics as well as mathematics.

Client Reviews

Maria-Alexandra - Mathematics

In general, the classes went all very well, and I understood everything that was taught during the lessons. The teacher is very good at explaining and has patience with the student when he/she does not understand the problem/exercice. It’s very helpful that we look at the theory and then practice as much as possible in order to look at how the theory can be used throughout the exercices. Mostly, I like that the teacher puts effort in helping with exercices outside classes and corrects them.

Ali - Mathematics


Ali - Mathematics


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