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I take students, break down the subject areas that are troubling them, find their unique learning style and work to their strengths, with four years of successful tutoring experience, I'll soon have you loving your subjects and your marks.

Recent Students: 6 Total Hours: 36 Last Online: 23 Nov 2020
All-time Students: 8 Total Classes: 34 Signed Up: 21 May 2018

About me

As well as being passionate about science, I love the arts. I play three musical instruments and I draw. I Have lived and studied in several countries learning their languages. My PhD focused on drug design for oncology creating targeted small molecule inhibitors.

Tutor Experience

I have been a tutor throughout my PhD and I found that it is my patience and willingness to put in the extra hours with students which makes a difference. Often it is something simple that is tripping them up and they need someone to give them confidence and make them feel comfortable to ask questions. There is a lot of pressure in the lecture theatre and the classroom. I like to take that away and give them their own space to think things through.

Client Reviews

Fatma - Biological Sciences

Great help, happy to have found her.

Fatma - Biological Sciences

Very fast and very efficient!

David - Biological Sciences

Well structured, informative

rehan - Biological Sciences

Erin gave lots of useful advice once again. The most modest hardworking tutor I've ever had, highly recommend and incredibly reliable!

rehan - Biological Sciences

Erin was so helpful she saved my project. She was very effective in how she communicated and gave constant help all the time, she took a lot of time to help me with my dissertation and give me very useful feedback, more than my own supervisor and was very nice. I owe a lot to her, absolutel brilliant tutor highly recommend Erin!!!

Naomi - Biological Sciences

Erin was very active and answered all my question in short time, she also helped with my dissertation improvement and gived me some great tips to make my dissertation better.

Scarlett - Biological Sciences

Erin proof read my masters dissertation and suggested ways to improve it. She was really friendly, helpful, her ideas were intelligent, and she got my work returned to me extremely fast! couldn't recommend her more. Definitely the best tutor I have found online.

Price: $55-65/hr

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I have 4 years experience tutoring one-on-on with students in a university setting. I have taught, biology, medicine, biochemistry, medical biochemistry, drug design processes and structural biology. I can help with exam preparation and answer techniques.


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