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UCL - MSc - Physics - Distinction


Getting students to think more critically and engage with their subject is my number one goal when tutoring. This enables students to unlock their potential and grow well beyond any of their examination requirements.

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About me

Currently pursuing a PhD in High Energy Particle Physics at University College London, working in tandem with CERN and the ATLAS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider. Specialising in data analysis techniques involving Artificial Intelligence to yield better insights from the plethora of data collected with the ATLAS detector.

Tutor Experience

Tutor at Tavistock Tutors since 2017 with nearly 300 hrs logged.
I have experience with in-person tutoring and online tutoring. I've taught students at both GCSE and IB levels in STEM related subjects. Also currently gaining experience with A-level mathematics and the new IB maths syllabus

Topic Expertise

I teach students in Chemistry, Physics and Maths up to IB level, and Biology up to GCSE levels.

Price: $40-50/hr

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