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MSc Psychology (Open University)
P.G.C.E (Greenwich University)
P.G.C Mental Health (University of Portsmouth
BSc (Hons) Psychology (Manchester Metropolitan University)

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All-time Students: 1 Total Classes: 2 Signed Up: 06 Sep 2019

About me

I am a dedicated Lecturer\ Teacher in the fields of Psychology, Health and Mental health. I have over twelve years teaching experience in education in the United Kingdom. Throughout my career, I have taught at the following levels: G.C.S.E., ‘A’ Level psychology, Vocational courses at levels 1, 2 and 3, Adult Access courses, Foundation degrees and I have in taught and guided at undergraduate and postgraduate levels (psychology). I have always been a personal tutor. Alongside this I have also managed, coordinated and administered courses for different departments. I have liaised with awarding bodies, and universities in the delivering and validating of course content and awards.
In my teaching career, I have taught the following, research methods, mental health,psychology, forensic psychology, health psychology, abnormal psychology, psychology of education, sociology, academic skills and study skills. I have set up and monitored online learning materials for students to follow. I Hold a postgraduate teaching qualification and I have a full Disclosure and Barring Service check (DBS) and I am updated every year.

Tutor Experience

2006-2012 - Further Education College 16- 55
2012-2016 - Sixth Form College and Secondary School 14-19
2018 - Present - Further Education college 16 -55

I can use a variety of different teaching methods based on the individual needs of the student. I am able to differentiate and disseminate subjects allowing individuals to learn study skills, knowledge and terminology that they need to potentially achieve. This is at all levels , I am currently assisting individuals at "A"level and undergraduates at all levels in Psychology , Health, Sociology, Social Science Research Methods, Education and Childhood studies. I have experience as an academic study skills tutor, including proofreading and suggestions. I have experience of working with adults tutoring on Psychology, Social Work And Nursing Access pathways and undergraduate psychology all levels.
I am also be available for proofreading.

Topic Expertise

Psychology, Sociology, Health and Social Care, Mental Health, Research Methods and Academic protocol and skills.

Client Reviews

Arianna - Education

Amazing help, amazing tutor, highly reccomend it. Thankssss


Testimonial – Marc Bundhoo I was a student of Marc’s from 2018-2019 while studying an access course in psychology. It was my first time in an academic environment for some years; his teaching had a substantial impact on my experience. Marc’s passion for psychology is one of his strongest assets. His enthusiasm wasn’t just felt by me; but by the class as a whole. This made his lessons a compelling learning experience and a joy to be involved in. Due to the atmosphere that this created, everyone felt comfortable to get involved in lectures, interact and share their unique insights and ideas. Marc’s knowledge of psychology is comprehensive, combined with his years of hands on experience, he can explain complex psychological theories is a more digestible way. Marc is well versed, not only in psychology, but in a number of subjects; namely the sciences and mathematics. This proved to be invaluable to his teaching method as Marc could use these extra to bolster and support his explanations. He is unjudgmental, making him very approachable during or after a lecture. He brings out the best in people and is always encouraging others to bring the best out in themselves. He would always be willing to help others and in many cases went out of his way to do so. A first-hand example of this was during my research project, I designed a reasonably complex experiment which used some challenging statics. Marc was more than happy to spend time after lectures running extra lessons on statistics and mathematics. Marc has been an inspiration to me during the time I have known him. I could not recommend him more highly as a lecturer. Sign: Alex Mosdell Date: 15th October 2019

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MSc Psychology - Open University
P.G.C.E - Greenwich University
P.G.C Mental Health - University of Portsmouth
BSc (Hons) Psychology - Manchester Metropolitan University
"A" Level - Psychology, Sociology and Politics.
G.C.S.E English Language, English Literature, Human Biology, Psychology and Maths


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