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About me

Native English speaker, from the US. Though I have lived in Australia, Mexico and the United Kingdom.
I speak some Spanish.

Focused intently on ensuring communication between tutor and learner is open, transparent and free of negative attitudes, decidedly interested in complex problems and a will to always come to some conclusion, I have 6 years of tutoring, but more than 20 years of people-centric roles and activities. This includes teaching mathematics, counselling, consultancy, community outreach, public speaking, and global online communicating to all sorts.

I have a BSc in Pure Mathematics, plus a minor in statistics. I am working on finishing an MSc in Research, where I focused on Computational Biology. I have worked in the data analytics industry and biomedical fields and in the coming months, I will start a PhD in Statistics.

I hope to be a lecturer and researcher in statistics.

Tutor Experience

6 Solid years helping students from all ages, countries and ability to gain a better understanding of mathematics and statistics.

Key areas that I like to focus on his:
Keeping a steady pace, based on the learner
Allowing for exploration of the student to come to a solution on their own. I can chime in when needed, but I will guide you.

With training and experience in a proven method of successful communication, Motivational Interviewing, I am here to reflect and guide what you need.

Specific areas:
Calculus, Probability, Statistics, Trigonometry, Geometry, Vectors, Distributions, Differential Equations, Graph theory, I could go on. Some times it is the student who upon explaining the problem, are they able to reach a conclusion.

Topic Expertise

Statistical knowledge

Advanced Analysis of Scientific Data
Probability and Statistics
Mathematical Statistics
Sampling Methods.

Here I have learned concepts such as set theory, combinatorics, probability theorems, probability distributions, and statistical methods such as estimation, hypothesis testing, analysis of variance, regression and linear models, logistic regression, categorical data analysis and non-parametric methods.

I have also learned probability; random variables; probability distributions and Markov processes.

Further to this, I have experience in Likelihood theory: maximum likelihood, asymptotic theory, nuisance parameters, applications, likelihood ratio test, score tests, Wald tests, exponential family (properties: sufficiency, completeness). Confidence intervals, hypothesis tests. Bayesian inference. Multivariate normal distribution & quadratic forms. Distributional results & inference for the general linear model.

In sampling methods, I have learned the theory and application of survey sampling techniques. These topics included simple random sampling, stratified sampling, systematic sampling, and cluster sampling.

1 year paid professional experience as a statistical analyst. Investigating, analysing and reporting on finding for clients. Areas include regression lines, normality tests, UCM models for time series in real estate data.

Broadly my mathematical knowledge includes the following subjects

Calculus - Single, Multivariate and Vector
Analysis - Real, Complex and Functional
Algebra - Abstract, Linear, Number Theory and Group Theory
Discrete Mathematics - Logic, Graph Theory, Coding Theory, Cryptography, Group actions, Game Theory, Difference Equations, Design Theory
Topology, Topological Graph Theory and The Graph Minor Theorem
Stochastic - Advanced Data Analysis, Probability, Sampling theory, Mathematical Statistics, Time Series Analysis, Unobserved Component Modelling, Modern Regression, General Regression, Bayesian Inference, Gibbs Sampling.
Applied Mathematics - Ordinary Differential Equations, Partial Differential Equations, Stochastic Differential Equations, Random Walks, Forward Euler Explicit Time Integration Schemes, CHASTE Computational Biology C++ Population Simulations, Hertz Modelling of Elastic Surfaces, Algorithmic programming for mathematical models, FitzHugh Nagumo models.

Computer Software
Expert in LaTeX
Highly skilled in R
Moderately skilled in Matlab, Python, Haskell, C++, Linux, Bash, JavasScript, HTML and SageMath.

Research Background

2018-2019 MSc Research computational biology.
C++ to create simulated colonies of bacteria.
Fitzhugh Nagumo Stochastic Differential Equation

2015-2017 Research in Topological Graph Theory. Graph Minor Theorem. Minor Minimal Not Apex list search. DNA Sequencing Mathematica Bioinformatics

2017 Collaborated with fellow undergraduate math students to take the Putnam exam in California. We spent a semester going over past problems and lecturing other students.

2013 Researched and developed an undergraduate talk on the history and foundations of Category Theory. Titled: “Arrows, Objects and Abstract Nonsense”.

I have also been tutoring, marking and invigilating for the past 6 years in mathematics and statistics.


"Got an A for the first Assignment. Your tutoring really helped me to finally understand it all." - Jake "I feel more confident approaching problems I do not know how to solve." - Sarah

Price: $45-55/hr

No upfront payments

Only pay as you go

Only teaches online


University of Dundee, Dundee
Masters of Science by Research: Computational Biology (In progress) 2018-Present
California State University: Chico, United States
BSc Mathematics and Statistics First Class 2013-2017
Oceania Technical College, Australia
Diploma in Leadership and Management 2014-2015
Queensland Government: Health, Australia
Statement of Attainment: Introduction to Motivational Interviewing 2014-2015
Statement of Attainment: Advanced Motivational Interviewing 2014-2015
Metro school of Management and Hospitality, Australia
Certificate IV in Training and Assessing 2013-2014
Academy of Counselling, Australia
Diploma in Counselling 2011-2013


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