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University of the West of England, Birmingham University and Plymouth University - PGCE, Masters in Criminological Psychology and BSC(Hons) in Psychology and Criminal Justice - TEFL TESOL certificate, specialist in teaching English as a second language and foreign language


I have taught since I qualified in 2010. I first worked at a tutoring centre based in Hong Kong where I acted as the Deputy English Head for UK curriculum, specialising in IGCSE and GCSE English Literature and Language, where I also gained my teaching English as a second language qualification. I teach a range of exam boards from EDEXCEL, AQA, CIE OCR and WJEC. I stayed in this job until 2014 where I moved on to an international school setting where I specialised in Psychology, Humanities, delivering the IBMYP and IBDP courses, as well as acting as an EE and TOK mentor whilst teaching my main subject specialisms.

I then moved to the UK and continued to work as a Psychology specialist at a sixth form college, and then moved on to a further education institution where I picked up English teaching again. Alongside, I gained teaching experience in Criminology and Sociology and had to attend training for all these topic areas. I then registered as an Examiner for various exam boards including IB, AQA and EDEXCEL as I left full time employment to become self-employed. I do entrance exam from CEE 11+ all the way to personal statements and university level work.

I have covered a wide range of prose, drama and anthologies for many exam boards so please enquire if there are texts specific to your needs

Recent Students: 11 Total Hours: 186 Last Online: 25 Feb 2021
All-time Students: 38 Total Classes: 167 Signed Up: 27 May 2020

About me

I am a mother of soon to be three young children and have qualified as a teacher in 2010. I enjoy teaching a range of subjects and have been working online for at least four years now. I enjoy the outdoors, music and not taking myself too seriously!

Tutor Experience

I have studied in a boarding school, unisex and co-educational setting, and have adapted to different teaching systems in different countries, including Australia, Hong Kong and England. It has allowed me to recognise the importance of valuing cultural diversity and individuality. I am fluent in English, Chinese and Cantonese and have worked with students from the pre-nursery to university level, as well as individuals with learning difficulties and special needs. I have had the honour to teach different curriculums including A-Level, AP, IB, GCSE/IGCSE and the HKDSE. I have also been a classroom teacher, a tutor as well as an online tutor. I believe these experiences have allowed me to develop my skills to fit the needs of the students as well as learner profiles. I also have extensive knowledge of AQA, OCR and EDEXCEL syllabuses in Psychology. I taught IB Psychology exclusively at the international school in Hong Kong. I have worked in local and international settings, secondary and post-compulsory education, as well as tutorial institutions. Being able to work with such a diverse, range of students in different settings has allowed me to build my teaching abilities and adapt to different settings, adjust expectations and be flexible. I currently teach at a further education institution delivering Psychology, sociology and criminology. Teaching is not only based on academic results but on skills for life, and how to function positively in society.
In order for effective communication, it is crucial for me to tailor the delivery of my information, to ensure the recipient fully understands the content, and in a classroom setting it would be essential for me to deliver my lessons in a language and tone that students would understand.

Topic Expertise

I completed my undergraduate degree in Psychology and Criminal Justice, my masters in Forensic Psychology and my teacher training in Psychology and Sociology.
I have taught Psychology, Individuals and Societies, Humanities, Global perspectives, Personal Project, Sociology, Criminology, Philosophy, English and prepared for entrance exams and personal statements throughout my teacher career.

Client Reviews

Dominika - Extended Essay

Great class, I've received an extensive feedback on my IA

Reem - Psychology

Good class!!

Reem - Psychology

Class was very good!!

Carmen - Psychology

My expectations was meet and I got all the help I needed.

konnor - Psychology

kai pointed me in the right direction and helped me make progress i needed in getting started with my work.

Hannah - English Language

Very adaptive to needs of students

Lilianna - Psychology

Today, I can't imagine how I could pass my exams and prepare college work, without the expertise and teaching of Kai. It is easier to be concise, to add critical argument, to be more relaxed, when you know someone helping you to work on your weak spots.

Lilianna - Psychology

Brilliant tutor, highly recommended. I extended my knowledge and writing skills and I also feel much more peaceful, as it was needed in my case. Thank you

Eden - Psychology

It was very helpful and structured :)

Carolina - Extended Essay

The teacher was amazing

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Bsc Hons Psychology and Criminal Justice
Masters Criminological Psychology


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