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University of Edinburgh - 2:1 MA Hons English Literature - PGCE, Qualified Teacher Status

Fully qualified teacher of English, with over 10 years' experience in the education sector. Tutoring and coaching for Key Stages 3-5 (ages 11-18). Expertise in GCSE English Literature and Language and A-Level English Literature. Former Sixth Form tutor with UCAS experience.

About me

I am a fully qualified teacher of English with ten years' experience in education. I specialise in creative, innovative and effective online teaching, tuition and coaching.

In 2005 I graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a 2:1 MA HONS in English Literature. I then worked as a graduate teaching assistant at the University of Essex and a cover supervisor at Uplands Community College in East Sussex before gaining my PGCE from the Institute of Education in 2012. I was a full time teacher of English at a secondary boarding school in Suffolk until 2018, teaching the entire secondary age range from 11-18.

I have extensive experience of teaching GCSE English Literature and Language, as well as A-Level English Literature. Since 2018, I have worked in supply teaching and as a self-employed tutor both with private, exam-focused students and with a range of students who are not in formal, full-time education, including SEN, excluded and school refusing students.

Tutor Experience

I am a fully qualified teacher of English with over ten years' experience in the education sector. I have been a self-employed tutor since April 2019. Since March 2020, I have focused solely on developing and delivering effective and creative online tutoring for English Literature and Language for Key Stages 3-5 (age 11-18). I am equally successful working with high-achieving academic students who are looking to achieve a top end grade, and those who need greater support, find English challenging, and are looking to achieve a pass in this core subject.

I believe that online tuition is the most effective form of tutoring. I specialise in creating bespoke, engaging resources and materials, and work closely and collaboratively with students to focus on developing their knowledge and skills. Shared documents, audio-visual resources and tailored materials ensure that all sessions are engaging and specifically designed to help the student achieve their learning goals. Having worked with young people and taught students for over a decade, I am experienced at giving students the help they need, and ensuring that I work with them in a way which they find effective and enjoyable.

Before becoming self-employed and developing my tutoring business, I taught at a secondary boarding school in Suffolk for six years. During this time, I taught across the entire secondary age range, and consistently achieved high results for my GCSE and A-Level classes.

I have extensive experience of teaching the AQA GCSE English Literature and Language papers, as well as A-Level OCR English Literature. I have also tutored students for the Edexcel English Language GCSE.

Topic Expertise

I hold a 2:1 MA Hons in English Literature from the University of Edinburgh and have taught GCSE and A-Level English Literature and Language since 2012.

My areas of particular interest and expertise include:


C19th literature - prose writers including Charlotte and Emily Bronte, Dickens, Stevenson, Stoker and Wilde

Gothic Literature, from the C17th-C21st, including The Castle of Otranto, Frankenstein, Dracula, Jekyll and Hyde, The Turn of the Screw, The Fall of the House of Usher, The Woman in Black, The Canterville Ghost, Melmoth the Wanderer, Wuthering Heights, Jane Eyre, Goblin Market, La Belle Dame Sans Merci, Melmoth, The Bloody Chamber

C19th poetry - particularly the Romantic poets and the Pre-Raphaelites

Poetry from WW1

The poetry of Ted Hughes and Seamus Heaney

Dystopian literature, such as Atwood, Orwell and Piercy

Creative writing

Literary criticism and theory, including writers such as Woolf, De Beauvoir, Barthes, Said, Gilbert and Gubar, Eagleton, Butler, Jung, Coleridge, Wollstonecraft

I also specialise in:

Delivering extremely focused and structured tuition and coaching for the AQA English Language papers

Teaching and coaching students on the OCR and AQA A-Level English Literature courses

I was a sixth-form tutor for three years, and have experience of the UCAS process. I am happy to help with UCAS applications, personal statements, CVs and job applications.


Kirsten tutored my son to help him prepare for his Religious Studies A-level. It was a subject that my son found difficult and Kirsten’s patient and calm manner helped build his confidence and understanding of the subject. Each week Kirsten emailed extensive feedback to my son as well as discuss the focus for the following session. My son used Kirsten’s notes to help him plan, write answers to exam questions as well as develop his vocabulary. Weekly tutoring session helped him become more confident in answering questions in greater depth and he had a better understanding of the subject. Kirsten is currently tutoring my daughter for her GSCE English exam. My daughter really enjoys her sessions with Kirsten and the interaction that she has with her. Kirsten is always so enthusiastic about the texts that she is tutoring and she has a thorough knowledge about them which always leads to interesting discussions between her and my daughter. They have looked at exam questions and extracts from texts and Kirsten’s written feedback is also a useful revision guide for my daughter. Kirsten is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about her subject. She is also professional and well-organised and her planning and feedback are very detailed and relevant. Kirsten has been a fantastic tutor for my children and they have greatly benefitted from their tutoring sessions with her. Helen I enlisted Kirsten’s services as my daughter was producing work at a level 4 GCSE. She missed schooling due to medical health, and I wanted to boost her confidence and ensure that she was covering the full curriculum. Within weeks she got her first 7! Kirsten brings bespoke lesson plans, patience and enthusiasm to each session and managed to engage my daughter after a long day at school - I heard the giggles through the wall. We are planning to continue sessions to enhance her learning through A levels too. Ali

Client Reviews

Maria - English Literature

I'm sooo grateful that found such a tutor as Kirsten! Our classes - exciting adventure!

Maria - English Literature

Kirsten is amazing! Love exploring Melmoth the Wanderer with her!

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2013: QTS

2012: PGCE, the Institute of Education

2005: MA Hons, English Literature, the University of Edinburgh

2000: A Level English Literature (A) Latin (A) History (A)


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