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University of Leeds - Engineering Geology - MSc.


A bilingual geology, science and math tutor with a degree in Engineering Geology and experience in teaching school and university students. Familiar with both US and UK education systems and dedicated to helping and supporting my students.

Recent Students: 3 Total Hours: 12 Last Online: 15 Jan 2021
All-time Students: 4 Total Classes: 10 Signed Up: 07 Feb 2020

About me

A bilingual native Arabic speaker with an MSc. in Engineering Geology from University of Leeds, UK. Teaching is my passion and I have the ability to deliver the information easily and briefly. I am dedicated to helping my students whenever they need support.

Tutor Experience

Was a private one-on-one tutor for secondary school Math subject and worked as an assistant instructor for the Geology Department in the American University of Beirut. Was also a volunteer assistant for undergraduate students in the University of Leeds, UK.
I am familiar with US and UK education systems due to my education background. I have experience in teaching school and university students as well as help with research and exam preparations.

Topic Expertise

- Physics
- Math
- Geography
- Geology

Client Reviews

Zak - Geology

Brilliant, patient and understanding teacher. Helped me in my exam prep and produced some notes for me to use

Ola - Other

Not a good communicator as we could not understand each other

Price: $60-70/hr

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Tutoring Subjects


MSc. Engineering Geology
BS. Geology & Petroleum Studies


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