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About me

I'm a maths obsessive, and I love talking about it just as much as I love doing it! I recently graduated with a PhD from UCL, as part of the London School of Geometry and Number Theory programme (, and prior to that have been a high-school mathematics teacher.

As well as learning mathematics, I enjoy rock climbing, watching and reading popular maths content, and playing board games (I hope to design my own one day).

Tutor Experience

I have built up my teaching skills through my extensive experience in tuition, high school and university teaching, and public lecturing. Over this time, I have realised that the best way to develop mathematical understanding is through problems and examples. Every piece of mathematics was created to solve a problem, and by first seeing the problem, we better appreciate and remember the solution.

On graduating from Oxford, I taught at a secondary school teacher for a year in southwest London. I then began studying for a PhD in mathematics at UCL, and helped tutor and lecture undergraduates at the university, including problem classes in problem classes there in Complex Analysis, Real Analysis and Financial Mathematics. I have remained passionate about teaching at the high school level, having given talks and extracurricular maths sessions at a diverse range of London schools.

I have hundreds of hours experience in personal tuition at every level of mathematics education. I specialise in undergraduate tuition and Oxbridge entrance exams, and have helped several undergraduate students achieve their first-class degrees in mathematics.

Topic Expertise

I have experience in teaching every type of mathematics at every level, from pure to statistics and physics. As an Oxford graduate, I am uniquely positioned to help students understand the material necessary to tackle the MAT and STEP admissions tests, as well as the Oxbridge interviews, but I also have experience in helping students with mathematics A-levels and IB exams.

On a personal level, during my PhD I specialised in geometric flows - a subject with incredibly broad potential. They can naturally describe many physical processes such as the motion of soap films, have recently been applied in medical image processing, and were central to the million-dollar prize winning proof of the Poincare conjecture in pure mathematics!

Client Reviews

Harry - Mathematics

Albert is the best Tutor I've ever had. Knows topics in detail and can explain on the fly without having to look things up even though I am studying at a fairly high level so some topics are the end of bachelor level/ beginning of master level but still explains them very clearly ( much better than a textbook). He is also nice and on time and reliable so 100% recommend. Thanks Albert

Sarah - Mathematics

So helpful for not just the content, but wise advice and guidance on approach for the upcoming exam.

Guowin - Mathematics

Albert's enthusiasm in the subject matter can be felt through the screen. He broke down meticulously worded formulas and definitions to something I could digest and understand intuitively.

Sarah - Mathematics

Lots covered - led by student with much expert guidance - ideal :)

fahim - Mathematics

slight technical issues, but overall it was a fun session.

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