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London, Oxford, Kent - BA, M.Sc, M.St, Ph.D - BA, M.Sc, M.St, Ph.D


Oxford educated, I have over 20 years of teaching/tutoring experience, mainly in small classes and one-to-one environments. And much of it online.

As such I am able to identify different learning styles and adapt my teaching accordingly. This can be gauged pretty quickly through initial assessments of both written work and discussions of topics. However, whatever the level that a student has reached, I would expect total commitment to overcome difficulties and build on strengths.

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About me

Many of my activities outside of teaching are based on academic research, which enables me to keep up to date with all the subjects that I teach. I could while away hours in quirky archives and libraries researching the finer points of sixteenth century monastic life, for instance, or the theological reasoning behind Henry VIII's Great Matter or the geopolitical basis for contemporary US-China relations.

Totally away from academia I like to participate in a number of sports, particularly mountain biking, skiing, canoeing and hiking, which I like to do in as many counties as possible. I also like collecting books so any spare time is spent on reading.

Tutor Experience

Teaching methods would take into account a student’s learning styles and could take the form of talks, question and answer sessions, interactive exercises, note taking, compiling of mind maps, quizzes, presentations and so on.

At the higher levels, lessons would focus on the understanding and analyzing of key concepts, planning of arguments, essay writing techniques and analyzing of source material. Students would be guided through historiographies, method, especially comparative methodology and exam techniques to ensure they fulfil their academic potential. The new A Level, GCSE and IGCSE syllabuses have become much more academically rigorous and entry to the top universities more competitive. It is therefore essential for students to be fully aware of the demands. Only then can they maximize their chances of success in their studies. I would ensure that the methods and approaches that I adopt would offer students the best possible chance for them to do this.

Topic Expertise

I can teach pretty much across the subject though I specialize in a number of areas notably Early Modern English History, the Reformation, Stuart Britain, The Ottoman Empire, Russia/Soviet History, the French Revolution, the Cold War, American History and Modern British History. I regularly write for history journals such as the Modern History Review. I have also written a biography of Queen Mary Tudor and I'm an elected member of the Royal Historical Society.

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I hold degrees from London and Oxford universities.
BA (Hons) - History and Politics
M.Sc. - Politics and Sociology
M.St. - History
Ph.D - International Relations


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