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University of Oxford - Modern Languages (Spanish) with Linguistics - BA


Approachable and (hopefully) knowledgeable languages and Linguistics expert, with an informal style.

Recent Students: 5 Total Hours: 52 Last Online: 05 Dec 2020
All-time Students: 7 Total Classes: 48 Signed Up: 08 Jan 2019

About me

30-year old tutor living in Oxfordshire. I'm lucky that the subjects I deal with are inherently interesting, and hope to be able to pass this interest on to students.

Every linguist has a "pet" language or two. Mine are modern Icelandic and Old Norse. Beyond tutoring, I love hiking, cooking, and snooker (even though I'm hopeless at it).

Tutor Experience

Significant tutoring experience - tutoring has been my main job since 2012. I have experience teaching one-on-one in person and online, as well providing seminars, workshops, and coaching in schools and at public events.
I hope my experience in online tutoring has demonstrated that I am sufficiently organised and engaging, to provide an enjoyable distance-learning experience. Online teaching is an unusual medium - both distant and intimate at once. I hope that, over the years, I have learnt to strike a decent balance and provide strong online support.

Topic Expertise

Experience teaching:

- AQA / Edexcel GCSE Spanish
- Edexcel / CIE ICGSE Spanish
- Edexcel / AQA A-Level Spanish
- Pre-U Spanish
- (a little less) IB Spanish B (SL, HL, ab initio)

For Oxbridge admissions, I have 7 years' experience guiding students through every step of the process (personal statement, admissions tests, interviews) for Modern Languages, Linguistics, and some other courses. I regularly work at Oxbridge-focussed school and public events.

Client Reviews

Elenor - MLAT

Rhys is really friendly and has been helpful in making me feel more confident about taking the LAT. Lessons are prepared well in advance and have always been fun!

Amelie - MLAT

Thank you so much for the helping me on my MLAT. Sessions with you have been really helpful in my preparation :)

Price: $55-65/hr

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