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University of Plymouth - Medicine - BMBS

Experienced tutor with a BSc in Chemistry with Biomedicine and an MSc in Musculoskeletal Science; currently completing a medical degree

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About Me

I am a graduate student studying Medicine at the University of Plymouth. I have completed a BSc in Chemistry with Biomedicine at Kings College London and an MSc in Musculoskeletal Science at University College London. I am outgoing, well-articulated and patient. I have several years of tutoring experience and have achieved a UCAT score which placed me in the top 20% of the country and a GAMSAT score that placed me in the top 15% of the country.

Tutor Experience

Tutoring and teaching have been apart of my life since 2015. From working with companies to working for myself, I have thoroughly enjoyed tutoring as it gives me a chance to help someone succeed in life, engage with people from all walks of life and make friendships. I worked for Kumon in 2015 and then 2016 to 2019 participated in teaching my peers within my degree. Since 2020 I have been virtually tutoring students through Zoom, providing interactive and engaging lessons.

Being a mature student has allowed me to see that everyone learns in different ways. Therefore, when I tutor, I endeavour to adapt my teaching style to my pupils. Doing this ensures that my pupils have an engaging lesson where they retain information given to them and can apply this information throughout their education; this all results in them achieving a better score.

Topic Expertise

GCSE: Chemistry, Biology and Maths (any board)
A Level: Chemistry and Biology (any board)
Entrance Exams: UCAT and GAMSAT
Degree: Chemistry, Anatomy and Medicine

Client Reviews

Haran is a passionate and patient tutor. My needs are less conventional compared to usual school works, but he adapted the sessions and depth of knowledge to assist with my homework and study materials. Anatomy isn't an easy subject, and he has made it less stressful for me to learn the details.

- Anatomy

Tutor goes through the strategies and explains with question examples also makes a really good book recommendation! Went over all the sections and now feel much more confident at tackling the various sections


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BSc in Chemistry with Biomedicine from Kings College London
MSc in Musculoskeletal Science from University College London
BMBS in Medicine from University of Plymouth (currently in my 2nd year)


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