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Willie Rush

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Imperial College London - MSci - Mathematics

I have more than 5 years of diverse experience in tutoring math at various levels. I always aim to make my lessons as interesting and relevant to my students’ interests as possible, while ensuring that all learning goals are met!

Recent Students: 0 Total Hours: 121 Last Online: 03 Aug 2021
All-time Students: 6 Total Classes: 90 Signed Up: 14 Apr 2020

About Me

I am a Phd candidate in mathematics, thinking about some complicated problems in multidimensional geometry and dynamics. I have always been highly enthusiastic in communicating mathematics! I have been actively involved in many teaching opportunities, always ready to get new experience and learn to be better in teaching and in understanding students in general.

I am also a retired music producer. I used to make a number of remixes and produce my own songs, but as time goes by, I have to give up on it. Currently during my spare time, I like to go to the gym, swim, and sing.

Tutor Experience

Private tutoring (2015 - ?)
- I have taught more than 40 students on various levels of Maths from secondary to undergraduate level.
- I have designed tests, mock interviews to help students prepare for standard exams such as A Levels (any exam board), AP, IB (SL, HL), GRE (Quant), SAT, and SSAT.

Teaching assistantship at Imperial College London (2017 - 2019)
- I taught a group of year 1 undergraduates on a weekly basis to help them transition from maths in school to more rigorous maths in university.
- I helped run a summer school aimed at preparing students for MAT and STEP tests (admission tests to Oxbridge and Russel group universities)

Teaching assistantship at Stony Brook University (2019 - ?)
- I am currently teaching or have taught undergraduate courses such as Fourier analysis, differential equations & dynamics, complex analysis and topology
- I help run the Math Learning Centre in which students can drop in anytime to ask tutors any maths questions
- I grade coursework and give review classes for some undergraduate courses

Topic Expertise

- Secondary level: GCSE, etc
- High school / sixth form: A levels (standard and further), IB (SL and HL), AP Calculus, etc
- University level: algebra (groups, rings), calculus, differential equations, topology, differentia geometry (curves, surfaces, manifolds), real and complex analysis, dynamics

Client Reviews

Really great first class, already I'm feeling alot better about the module that I'm stuck on!

- Mathematics


"Will is a really nice guy and his tutoring skills are fantastic. He was my main tutor in my first year in college. I had some troubles with keeping up with the many lectures I had to attend, so I always asked him a lot of questions. Somehow he is always able to break down any problem and explain to me in simple language. Even when I have no questions at all, he always helps me improve by giving interesting problems to discuss." - Samuel

"Willie is a very kind and knowledgeable tutor. I approached him through Tavistock Tutors because my daughter needed help pass a number of math exams. Not many people know the IB syllabus, so I am glad that Willie is not only familiar with it, but also puts the detailed effort in helping her in many aspects of the syllabus. It's been a pleasure working with him and I am glad that my daughter aced her exam and is now admitted to her dream school." - Candan McMillan

"As someone who hasn't dealt with any basic math for the last 4 years, I needed help to prepare for my GRE quantitative test for graduate school. Willie is so accomodating and he shows dedication in planning lessons and communicating what I need to know. I would recommend him if you need to learn something quick with results!" - Gustika Jusuf

"I reached out to Will because I needed to prepare for my college admission interview at Ecole Polytechnique last summer. He put so much effort for my preparation and compiled a comprehensive list of things in math I should know and we did went through a lot in the end. He is very clear and knowledgeable and thanks to his help, I got in!" - Luca Bonegel

"I would recommend Willie to other students. I was in his class at Imperial and I can see that he is a responsible tutor. He always makes sure that everyone in his class understands everything before moving on to the next topic or problems. He has in particular helped me avoid common mistakes, in particular in Algebra and Analysis." - Nicole

"Very responsible tutor and genuinely invested in your success. I needed much help in calculus during my college days and I could not have made it without Will. Thanks very much!" - Janice

"Will is an incredible teacher who’s amazing at explaining difficult concepts in a simple and easy to understand way! He offers great communication and support in any kind of maths related problems and has helped me so much over the last year! Starting from Further Maths basics, I’ve now been taught how to solve these problems with ease. I would recommend him as a great maths tutor, you cannot go wrong!" - Lucy D

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MSci Mathematics, Imperial College London 2019
- 1st class with Honours
- Dean's List
- Received a Prize for Excellence in Teaching
- Received the IBM Prize for Pure Mathematics

PhD Candidate, Stony Brook University, NY 2019-?
- Work as a teaching assistant in various undergraduate courses


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