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Michigan State University - Masters in Educational Technology - Masters of Education

IB Diploma Students! As an IB Examiner, Teacher and EE Coordinator, I can help you with your IB Assessments in IB English, ToK and the Extended Essay research paper.

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About Me

I would like to help you gain some confidence reading, writing, speaking and listening in English. I am happy to work with you on a single homework assignment, but you can employ the techniques I will share with you on every reading and writing assignment. There are two parts to success; the first is learning the practical tools that will increase your language awareness, the second is practice. I will teach you the tools, and I can guide you as you practice until you have the confidence you need to quickly recognize language features in a text, and communicate effectively.

- I will share with you several easy to remember and specific approaches to language and visual analysis.
- I will work with you on structuring your responses to any type of assignment.

A little bit about me: I have lived and worked in New York City for a long time, and I've recently moved to California. I love traveling, reading, writing, art, movies, scuba diving, cycling and nature, and working with international students around the world.

I encourage you to reach out to ask any questions you may have for me!

Tutor Experience

I have been an IB teacher for 13 years. For the past 8 years, I have mainly taught IB English Language and Literature SL and HL, IB English A: Literature and Theory of Knowledge and I've served as an Extended Essay Supervisor and Coordinator. I have been an IB Examiner of IB English Language and Literature and IB Norwegian Literature since 2015. I've been a full-time online tutor and small-group instructor of intensive IB supplementary courses since June of 2020.

Topic Expertise

IB Examiner, IB English Language and Literature, Theory of Knowledge, English B, EE, College Essay, IGCSE English 9th/10th grade, TESOL Certificate (English as a 2nd Language)

Client Reviews

Birgitte was so helpful in planning my IO and developing a further understanding of my selected texts, would definitly reccomend! :)

- Language A: Literature and Language

It was so much help! Brigitte is very helpful and kind. She is amazing at analysing and sure knows what to include in essays to make it clear and precise. Thank you!

- English

Very detailed feedback and provided excellent resources. Would definitely recommend :)

- Language A: Literature

Price: $45-55/hr

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- Masters in Educational Technology, Michigan State University (2012)
- Bachelor of Fine Arts, Screenwriting Major from New York University (1996)
- Teaching Certificate from Florida State, 6-12 English Education (2020)
TESOL Certificate (2010)
Continuous IB teacher workshops and conference attendance in IB English Language and Literature, IB Theory of Knowledge and IB Extended Essay (2010-2020)

In my previous career, I wrote and produced educational videos, texts and interactive digital content for Pfizer Pharmaceuticals. I was also a Norwegian language instructor at New York University


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