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Highly experienced award-winning educator for creative subjects, university programme leader, course designer, college tutor, researching a PhD in design education.

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About Me

I support creative subject students to reach their potential by helping them to underpin their practical art or design work with the parts they often like less – writing, evaluating, reflecting, understanding and using theory and applying methods. I specialise in supporting the contextual and written side of art and design and helping you make your practical work the better for it.

Tutor Experience

I have taught university and college students creative industry subjects since 1997. My main teaching was, until recently, with university students in my role as programme leader for one of the University of Kent’s graphic design courses. Here I taught ideation, problem-solving, how to make analysis of designs, how to write about creative topics and how to painlessly learn theory and embed it into your practical work. I also specialise in helping creative students become sustainable and ethical in practical processes and approaches to making, thereby teaching useful skills for future employability and professional practice. I also currently tutor on a Design Thinking module for the Open University. In 2019 I won a teacher of the year award for setting up exciting projects to support design students to become more socially responsible.
I also taught creative industry subjects, especially design, fashion, art and media to college students for many years. I have taught design and visual communication online for a variety of independent university providers and US MOOCs. I have not only taught on, but also written, several face-to-face and online university and other courses. I have a wide teaching experience, starting in 1985 teaching TEFL abroad, and I’ve been a tutor in other educational situations, such as a large London art museum (the National Gallery), a home-school co-operative, youth arts worker and guest design expert for National Citizen Service. I am currently completing research for a PhD about educating graphic designers to be socially responsible.

Topic Expertise

Expertise in art, design fashion, media and popular culture in Higher Education (university) and Further Education,
- dissertation and essay research, planning, structuring and writing, literature reviews and methodology;
- art, design and visual communication practical work, context and theory support;
- ideas generation, development and evaluation;
- sustainability and ethics in design and in education
- education practice and methods

Client Reviews

Very useful and informative class :-)

- Media Studies

Brilliant as always. I would highly recommend Sancha!

- Essay

structural and motivational help:)

- Design

fab as always

- Design

Very useful with really helpful comments to help me improve my work! Thanks!

- History of Art

I wanted to thank Sancha for offering me so much help with my essay plan! I feel as though it’s a lot better now and I couldn’t have done that without her! Thank you.

- History of Art

Thank you so much Sancha! Today is also a helpful and useful class! Have a good day! See you next week!

- Marketing

Thank you so much Sancha! Today class is also so useful and helpful! See you next class! Have a good day!

- Marketing

Sancha was very thorough in her analysis and provided some very useful insights for additional areas to explore. Thank you for all the help.

- Environmental Science


Sancha’s extensive knowledge of design history, philosophy and academic texts proved a valuable asset while I was studying for my degree. Her assistance and advice allowed me to explore design further, clarify my thinking and refine my writing – guidance that no doubt contributed to me achieving an 83% on my dissertation and a First overall. I would recommend Sancha as an educator. - Dissertation student

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Post Graduate Certificate of Higher Education, University of Kent, 2010-2012

Post Graduate Certificate of Education, University of Greenwich, 2004-2005

Master’s Degree, Media Studies, University of Sussex, 1996-1998:
Dissertation in communication studies: the art and design of subcultures (case study: punk).

BA (Hons) First Class, Open University, 1992-1996
General specialisation in history, philosophy and theory of art and cultural studies


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