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University Of Central Lancashire and St Martins College, Lancaster University - BSc (Hons) Multimedia Systems Design Computing - PGCE Information Communication Technology


I have 17 years of experience as a teacher of computer science and information communication technology. 15 of those years as head of the department. I have 12 years of experience in the independent sector with A-level one-to-one teaching being the norm. I also have 9 years of experience as a Head of Sixth Form responsible for pastoral care, academic achievement, and competitive university entrance, or industry placement. I have a proven track record of students achieving outstanding results at both GCSE and A-level. I build rapport with students through developing mutual respect. I always tailor my teaching to the individual and I provide detailed feedback on progress. I am happy to do this via video conference.

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About me

A successful teacher and tutor and a lifelong learner I am committed to eliciting the best results from my students. When I am not working, I am an outdoorsy type of person and I love to be walking in the hills. I love to travel and before I entered the teaching profession, I was both an adventure tour leader and a personal development course facilitator. Both of these jobs involved a lot of travel and I have worked in numerous countries around the planet.

Tutor Experience

17 years teaching and tutoring computer science and information communication technology. 15 years as a Head of the Computer Science department, 9 years as a Head of Sixth Form responsible for pastoral care, academic achievement, and competitive university entrance, or industry placement. 12 of those years were in the independent sector with A-level one-to-one teaching being the norm.

During the last 8 years of my teaching of computer science and information communication technology without exception, my A-level students gained A* grades in their software development projects. A large portion of these gaining 100% of the available marks. I know how to map out and apply agile development processes and I make use of this to help students apply the successive approximation model (SAM) to their projects. My students all do well overall and most all of my students continue on to study high-tech degrees at competitive entry universities or are snapped up for desirable apprenticeships and placements.

Topic Expertise

I can help with all IGCSE, GCSE and A-level exam board computer science theory papers. I work on both exam techniques to make the best of the time available and on theoretical knowledge. I help a student understand why a certain type of question is being asked and what weight in terms of marks that question will carry in the exam being sat. Understanding why something is being asked and the weight it carries in terms of grade boundaries is enormously helpful in motivating the student to push through the unknowns in learning and be confident in the topic areas being examined.

I can help with all IGCSE, GCSE and A-level exam board coursework. The product usually only carries a small portion of the marks and is typically only 20% of the available marks. I am an expert in software development documentation and I will enable a student to analyse, design, develop, implement and evaluate their project so that they are able to access the lion's share of the marks.

I can offer detailed tuition on programming. My style of tutoring covers the theoretical underpinning of computer science necessary to really understand what is happening when we are applying programming constructs to a development. A step by step of each of the main constructs used in programming is the normal route on this with small exercises being completed until confidence is gained. I can support learning already taking place in the classroom and supplement this with a deeper understanding. It is important to note that a true understanding of programming is language independent and once an understanding is in place different languages can be learned with relative ease. Most syllabuses allow the use of a range of languages to be used in projects and I can discuss with individuals what their preferences are dependent on what type of project they are undertaking.

I have extensive knowledge in Computer Science and Information Communication Technology. I spent many years on the UK OCR IT and Computing consultative forum board and took part in shaping and formalising all of the current OCR examination and coursework requirement offerings in this area. All UK exam boards follow similar learning topics in their subjects as the qualifications from all examining bodies are monitored and endorsed by Ofqual. I have taught across a wide range of examining bodies and whilst the topics remain similar there are occasional changes in the weighting of specific areas.

I am able to quickly adapt to other syllabuses so if you are outside of the UK and learning a different one be assured that I will be able to adapt my tutoring accordingly.

UCAS applications. Until recently I was a head of the sixth form in an independent co-ed day and boarding school. I have over 10 years of experience preparing students for competitive UK University entry. This may include getting to the root of the right course for the right person at the right institution through detailed consultation and analysis. I engage with the student on step-by-step personal statement development with detailed feedback through as many iterations as needed to make it a stand out piece of writing. The UCAS send button is not pressed until everything is in a concrete place. If required, this can then be followed by interview practice. Confidence, composure, and the ability to handle certain question types are all covered in detail and these can be recorded and analysed at further sessions.

Client Reviews

Jiya - Computer Science

Richard has been amazing, he helped my daughter with her GCSE Computer Science revision and her confidence in the subject.

Ilhan - Computer Science

Very good lesson, understood everything being taught and was very helpful.

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BSc (Hons) Multimedia Systems Design (computing),
Post Graduate Certificate in Education 11-18 Information Communication Technology,
Professional Member of the British Computer Society


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