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Full-time English teaching experience and Cambridge master's degree. Successful Oxbridge applications. Currently teaching students aged 11-60+: Philosophy, English, Art, Creative Writing, Religious Studies, Theology

Recent Students: 2 Total Hours: 37 Last Online: 27 Jul 2021
All-time Students: 8 Total Classes: 31 Signed Up: 04 Aug 2018

About me

As well as tutoring, I have worked as a director of theatre, and as a farm-hand; stayed in a monastery on a mountain overlooking the Syrian border; walked from Edinburgh to Newcastle; built a gypsy caravan; played the spoons in the best traditional folk-pub in Scotland; and have a good knowledge of green wood carving.

I get my greatest thrill, however, from unfurling a knotty idea at the root of an academic problem.

Tutor Experience

I have a postgraduate degree in Literature and Theology from Cambridge University - where I studied under the supervision of Dr Rowan Williams - as well as a first class degree in the same from Edinburgh. I have since been teaching:
- full-time senior school English and Drama from year 9 to A level, and Primary School Latin;
- adult education Literature, Philosophy and Creative Writing;
- homeschooling GCSE English Literature & Language and Religious Studies
- homeschooling primary/lower school English, Maths, Philosophy and Art
- undergraduate/postgraduate support in English and/or Theology
- proofreading

My specialism is modernist poetry and theology (particularly the poet David Jones) though I work as an all-rounder and study to build a strong grounding across the Humanities and the Arts.

Topic Expertise

Modernist Poetry
Theological Aesthetics
Early Twentieth Century European Art
Catholic Sacramental Theology

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