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About me

I study European Social and Political studies at University College London. Last year, I passed my IB exams with 44 points and have successfully worked as an IB History and Economics tutor ever since. Apart from my favourite IB subjects (History and Economics) I can also offer you Beginners and Intermediate Courses in German as I have passed my IB German B SL with a 7 last year.
As an organized and experienced IB diploma holder, I am eager to pass my experience onto you! I inspire my students through the materials provided, the connections that we can discover together between real life and the subjects studied, and also by being a living example of the fact that a high IB score is perfectly achievable, as long as you know how to prepare!

Fun fact: with my Czech family, we moved into the UK for a sabbatical year in 2014-2015 so I only completed one GCSE as I was in year 9 then, so I have an A* from GCSE Humanities.

Tutor Experience

I have tutored English as a foreign language for three years as private tutor, and also had tutoring as a ‘service’ component of my Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award which I completed in June 2017. Since passing my IB in 2019 with 44 points, I have been enjoying tutoring both IB Economics and History, covering various topics and assisting students also with their IAs and EEs.

I have experience with helping students structure and formulate essays and I am ready to accompany my lessons with editing of any essay pieces that you may need to submit for the IB (IAs or EEs) or which you just want to write for practice. I wrote my EE in History and achieved an A, and the same goes for my ToK essay.

Topic Expertise

My current University degree at University College London involves an Introduction into History, Politics, Philosophy and Economics on university level so I have often benefited from covering the topics discussed with my students also at school.

My teaching methods involve going through past exam questions and planning essay questions, first in a discussion with my students in the lesson, then as a bullet-point essay plan, and lastly I give students an essay for homework and we then discuss my suggested edits and space for improvement.



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IB History HL: 7

IB German SL: 7

IB Economics HL: 7

Czech Literature A: 7

English Language and Literature A: 7

Environmental Systems and Societies: 7

Mathematics SL: 6

Extended Essay in IB History: A

TOK essay: A

Certificate in Advanced English (British Council Prague): A


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