English Literature Major + Creative Writing Minor 2:1

First taught online in 2007 and offline in 1996 - I am a UK native speaker: specialist for IELTS/business + general English. I have multiple English teaching certificates, an English Literature Major and additional Creative Writing Minor university degree + an "enhanced DBS" security check - the first 30 minute meeting is free.

4.9 (267)

255 hours of classes

About me

I am into health and sport and like to be fresh and "on the ball for classes": I hardly ever get ill with a cold or flu. Plus, I currently work in a business center that has cable internet and a backup satellite internet connection - I am a Christian and do not work from Friday-Saturday evenings for this reason (24 hours a week) and I do work on Sundays.


Nghi in Australia improved IELTS speaking from 6.5-7 after a short course in February 2019, although unexpectedly did not pass in her strong area of reading, having got 8 before in a previous non-Spires coached exam - after another exam soon after (not with classes) she passed the exam, including reading again.

"I passed 9, 9, 9 and Writing 7" - Shannarae from Australia, IELTS exam result in February 2019.

Rajesh from America (IELTS exam) - January, 2019: "I got the required score. Cleared the test. Thanks for you help - L-8, R-8.5, W-7, S-7".

Ranem from Syria successfully passed the IELTS Life Skills through an intensive study course on Spires, in November 2018.

Client Reviews

Karol - English Language


Karol - English Language


Shahzad - IELTS


Johanna - English

Philip delivered a great quick review of my written work, and helped to correct mistakes and to rephrase the sentences to create a more academic style essay. Perhaps because of the tight timeframe, I thought he talked a bit fast so I couldn't follow for a few seconds but soon picked it up again.

Shahzad - IELTS

yes Overall good.

Robert - IELTS

Philip provided awesome feedback for writing tasks. He also provided me with online resources where I can review and study grammar. He also gave me a resource to start practicing reading tasks. I feel I am improving thanks to his classes.


Philip went through all the homework with me, and gave me extra time and explained most questions well

Robert - IELTS

Philip reviewed my writing work thoroughly and pointed out weaknesses and places to make improvements. Really happy with his feedback.

Robert - IELTS

He reviewed written tasks 1 and 2 and gave me suggestions on how to improve my written skills to get a good score for IELTS.

Robert - IELTS

Philip was polite and communicative. He asked relevant questions and explained how we will work. We also established the schedule for the next classes. Everything was good.


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I have multiple English teaching certificates, an English Literature Major and additional Creative Writing Minor from the University of East Anglia (UK) and also an "enhanced DBS" security check.


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