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University of Oxford - Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) - BA


I will challenge and educate you so you can jump over the hurdles you face and succeed - no matter how high - in the social sciences and humanities.

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About me

Professionally, I have explored a wide variety of career options. In sixth form and university I worked for George Osborne, former Chancellor, and my foray into politics included meeting David Cameron, David Miliband and conducting research for No 10 Downing Street. At university I was elected to the well-known Oxford Union, where I helped host Johnny Depp amongst others.

Later I decided I wanted to train as a barrister, through which I have been fortunate enough to engage with a number of distinguished lawyers including President of the Supreme Court, Lord Neuberger and Justice Scalia, formerly of the US Supreme Court. Perhaps the most exciting episode was when, as President of a university law society, I hosted a dinner for a US senator.

Outside law and politics I have a passion for trekking - I climbed Mont Blanc when I was 16 years old - and I have been a church organist since my mid-teens. I also competed in a number of national cross country competitions for my school, the Manchester Grammar School, where we won several national competitions.

Tutor Experience

Oxford and Cambridge are made unique by their tutorial system: one-on-one, hour-long tutorials between students and some of the world's top academics in their field. After three years in Oxford's tutorial system, my ambition is to use those experiences to train and help students toward success as a tutor myself.

At Magdalen College, Oxford I studied at the most competitive college for Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) at the university. The secret to success is a mix of the support around you and hard work. I can provide the support, and encouragement you need to perform to the best of your ability.

After studying PPE, I took a law conversion and a masters in law (LLM). This has further honed my skills and experience with essay writing, and I am very well qualified to provide essay feedback to help you pick up those easy marks you are missing on structure and presentation.

Once we have fixed those essentials, we can ensure you are an top of the material in your subject and make it interesting. The social sciences and humanities are exciting subjects and,min we can make them interesting, they become easier to understand and - if you are lucky - even enjoy.

My teaching style is relaxed, friendly, but focused. I will put your best interests at the heart of my work.

I look forward to meeting you.