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King’s College London - MSci Physics and Philosophy (Joint Honours) - First Class Honours


With my joint masters degree in physics and philosophy and my three years of tutoring experience, I can help you get a deeper and more nuanced grasp of philosophy, physics, and mathematics at any level

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About me

I am an MSci Physics & Philosophy (first class) graduate from King’s College London with over 500 hours of online and classroom teaching in mathematics, physics, and philosophy at all levels. I did my philosophy dissertation on the Many Worlds Theory of Quantum Mechanics and my physics project on computational simulations of electromigration in flip chips. I have experience with research in both fields. I am currently working as a tutor and a consultant, and am soon looking to do a PhD in philosophy.

I am very open and direct as a tutor, because I believe in being clear and honest — this is the only way to build up confidence and eventually have fun with the subject!

Tutor Experience

I have been teaching for three years and I absolutely love it. It’s so rewarding to see students realize their potential and unblock their barriers, whether to do with knowledge or confidence. It is also incredibly rewarding for me, as talking to so many different people from different backgrounds makes me see what I know all over again, from their point of view — this makes me both a better teacher and a better thinker.

Although MSci means Master in Science, I think of myself mostly as a philosopher with mathematical and physical acuity, rather than the other way around. My experience in the latter is theoretical and computational rather than experimental. I enjoy working with symbols (be it logic, grammar, or equations), which is why my mathematics and physics teaching is based on logic, proofs, and methods in the place of calculation and memorization.

My philosophy thesis was on the Many Worlds interpretation of Quantum Mechanics. I am soon applying to study this further in a PhD in the philosophy of science. I have organized study groups in philosophy of medicine and mental health and in epistemology; I have worked for King’s College London as a mentor for undergraduate physics and mathematics students. I have an extremely broad knowledge and can help you connect the things you don’t know to something that you already do. I can help with homework, problem sets, essay writing, research, or just pure thinking in philosophy, mathematics, or physics.

I also have experience doing mock interviews for Oxbridge applicants, holding lectures for A Level students, making educational films for A Level students, and editing essays (both content and structure). My ratings are exclusively 5/5, with over 500 hours of tutoring.

Topic Expertise

I can teach mathematics, physics, and philosophy at all levels, including university. I specialize in logic, pre-calculus, mathematics for physicists, philosophy of science, epistemology, ethics, and philosophy of mind.


“I would like to send a quick note on feedback re Henrik. My daughter handed in her essay last night and I want you to know that Henrik was super helpful in helping her to understand the topic and get this done. This was a very challenging topic for my daughter, and Henrik was very knowledgeable and very skilfully offered advice and help. This got us out of a very stressful situation, thank you so much.”

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Master in Science in Physics and Philosophy (Joint Honours), King’s College London (First Class Honours)


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