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University of Oxford - Greek and/or Latin Languages and Literature - MSt


I'm an experienced and enthusiastic classics tutor, with a BA and MSt from Oxford University.

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About me

I've lived in both England and America (New York!). When I'm not tutoring, I love reading, watching films, visiting museums, learning new languages (currently German and Turkish), attempting to cook, and exploring both natural and urban places. I know a lot about the love lives of the ancient Romans.

Tutor Experience

Since finishing my MSt, I've been tutoring students in classical languages. I've also had the chance to hone my writing and editing skills through my BA and MSt theses, and too many weekly essays to count. So, I'm well qualified to help with essay or thesis planning or proofing. Last but not least, I'm passionate and knowledgable about my subject, particularly Latin literature, and love discussing ideas with other people!

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