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University of Cambridge - Human, Social, and Political Sciences - BA


I am a tutor that will help you look at a problem from different angles and hopefully make whatever it is that you're studying interesting.

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About me

I am half Swedish, half Finnish but I've lived in Switzerland for the past 8 years, before coming to Cambridge. I went to an international school so anything to do with multiculturalism and international relations I find really fascinating. I love travelling, which is what I'm hoping to do more of when I'm not studying in Cambridge. I also play netball for my college, but I've played and participated in all kinds of sports ranging from slalom skiing, horse-riding, football, volleyball and gymnastics.

Tutor Experience

I used to tutor students back at my old high school, and I have also remained in contact with my former school in order to help their current students with applications to Oxbridge or other universities in the UK. I am quite good at looking at a problem from different perspectives - something which an Arts degree tends to help you do, and I love discussing different possible ideas. Usually even, this is the best way to learn.

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