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King's College London - Language, Discourse and Communication - PhD

I teach Arabic with fun. I like to implement cool technology in my lessons.

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About Me

My personality I guess! I am often told I bring positive energy and joy yo those who are around me.
Also my heart is in the world of music, dancing and singing, which are talents that add very much to my personality and are reflected in the way I teach.

Tutor Experience

I am friendly, fun and caring.

A pleasant and respectful environment is what matters most to me and it is what motivates me to work happily. So, I try to create that wherever I go. I am frequently told I have a bubbly and helpful personality, which I hope is another contribution to creating a good relationship with my studentd.

I help my students feel comfortsble during their lessons. I make them embrace their language mistakes and help them realize that saying grammatically and/or phonetically incorrect sentences and words is a natural phenomenon. Everybody has some level of anxiety and/or concern when it comes to learning a new language, particularly when it is a "scary" language like Arabic. However, I believe in the importance of developing an immunity to that fear and creating a mindset that goes beyond learning a language on purely linguistic grounds. I address language learning with a focus on cultural practices, social interactions and identity perceptions, which I believe are essential elements in the process of language acquisition.

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