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I'm an academic with several years of teaching and admissions experience, who has worked with the University of Cambridge and other international research institutes.

Having graduated from Cambridge with a Starred First, I also provide support to students studying at Oxbridge or looking to get in.

I want to do the very best to help you get the results you want, and to succeed in the way that you want to succeed.

Recent Students: 8 Total Hours: 103 Last Online: 09 Apr 2021
All-time Students: 21 Total Classes: 92 Signed Up: 01 Oct 2020

About me

Right now I'm working as a research assistant for a professor at Cambridge. Before that I graduated with a Starred First in Human, Social and Political Sciences from Cambridge, having studied widely across politics, sociology and anthropology (and originally studying Land Economy). Aside from academics, I've interned at various magic circle law firms and top-tier investment banks, and have keen side interests in coffee and publishing.

Tutor Experience

I'm an expert in dissertation writing & admissions mentoring: focusing on what is required, and how to achieve it. Most of my experience is with helping candidates with their applications to leading universities, such as Oxbridge. This is work that I find incredibly fulfilling, and it is always a pleasure to see a student's progress from our initial conversation to the ultimate outcome of an application. Separately, I undertake some specialist work at university level, and help those with certain specific learning challenges, such as ADHD, too.

My tutoring philosophy is student-centred: my aim is always to create a supportive, friendly and exciting environment for learning to thrive. I respond dynamically to the needs of each student I teach, shaping my teaching style so that it best serves their personality and interests. I'm particularly keen on making my lessons as practical as possible. My students are invited to hone their skills in writing, critical reading, research, note-taking, and articulation from the get-go. Through learning how to formulate original ideas and express themselves clearly, my students are able to develop greater confidence in themselves and gain a deeper sense of autonomy and initiative towards their school and university work. In all, I see our relationship as one of a mentor to mentee.

Topic Expertise

I have several years of tutoring experience, originally for subject specific secondary school teaching, but now I focus primarily on my helping candidates with their applications to leading universities, such as Oxbridge, as well as with elite private and public schools sometimes too. This is work that I find incredibly fulfilling, and it is always a pleasure to see a student's progress from our initial conversation to the ultimate outcome of an application. I also undertake some specialist work at university level, and with certain specific learning challenges too.

Client Reviews

kimela - Academic Writing

Wonderful, So helpful!

Hazi - Essay


Hazi - Essay

Greatest!!! Mostly recommend!!!

Evelyn - Oxbridge Entrance

Toby is super helpful and cares about his students

Evelyn - Oxbridge Entrance

As always, Toby is super helpful and supportive!

sophie - Politics

Very informative and helpful! He highlighted by strengths and weaknesses and personalised my tutoring according to that. Would recommend! :)

Alex - TSA

the conclusion to my classes before my test tomorrow- there isn't much for me to say apart from the fact that I can sleep tonight with a confidence that I simply would not have had I not done sessions with Toby.

Sarah - TSA

Really helpful session, especially the day before my exam! Thank you for being a great tutor!

Shengchang - TSA

Really a supportive tutor. Toby gives me confidence!!

Alex - TSA

Again, noticeable and tangible imporovements in confidence and ability thanks to Toby, which is exactly what is needed four days before the TSA itself. Very very glad to have worked with Toby, I feel much more confident than I would have otherwise.


“Toby easily adapts to your personality. He is efficient, devoted and open. Those 3 criteria where essential for me when I was looking for a tutor.”

“Compared to others I have encountered, Toby is unique in a way that he is professional but at the same time very encouraging, supportive, and reassuring.”

“Thank you Toby. All very helpful, and [--] will be a busy bee this week! Have a wonderful week, and thank you very much for all of your help and insights.”

“Thank you very much for your ongoing work with [--]. I can see him improving, which is really super.”

“I overheard by chance a few minutes or your sessions with him, and was able to acknowledge how much effort and passion you put in your tutoring. Thank you again for your precious help and your patience.”

“I have been meaning to write to you for a long time. First of all, we really appreciate the work you're doing with [--]!”

“Toby is the man to have on your team!”

“Toby’s desire and thirst for knowledge and his unending commitment to share it, is utterly infectious.”

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Starred First Class Honours in Human, Social & Political Sciences at the University of Cambridge


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