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Indian Statistical Institute - Masters of Science in Quantitative Economics - Post Graduate

Masters of Science (MSc) in Quantitative Economics

About me

Hello there, This is Neha Sharma. I have done my masters in Quantitative Economics from Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi, India. I have around 8 years of on-ground teaching experience in this subject. Also, I have around 2 years of online teaching experience. I have also been working for a publisher associated with Delhi University. I am really passionate about this subject and would like to impart my knowledge to you by giving the best quantity and quality of the service as an online tutor. Looking forward to teach you soon :)

Tutor Experience

I have 8 years of on-ground teaching experience. Since last two years, I have teaching Economics, Statistics and Econometrics online.

Topic Expertise

Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Financial Mathematics, Econometrics, Applied Statistics, Actuarial Science

Client Reviews

Gasim - Econometrics

Great!!! Very useful and practical session :)

James - Statistics

Neha was extremely proficient in this subject. She was an excellent and invaluable tutor who carefully took me through each problem in turn, assured my understanding, and made detailed notes. I cannot recommend her enough!

Stephanie - Quantitative Methods

Neha was patient and very helpful. After one class with Neha I had the understanding, ability, and confidence to finish my work and know what I am doing!

Ashley - Statistics

Great with explaining on excel. helped me get to th end result. thank you.

Gulnara - Econometrics

poor connection

ivan - Econometrics

Really helpfull!

Michal - Other

Excellent teaching! Made complex concepts easy

Ross - Economics

Neha was a brilliant tutor and was very efficient in helping me understand exactly what I was struggling with. Highly Recommend

Herbert - Statistics

By far the best tutor i have ever had. Wish I could have her instead of my actual professor. She explains things in a very simple way, and has a very good teaching style. I strongly recommend her.

Poppy - Econometrics

Really informative and friendly tutor!

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Masters of Science in Quantitative Economics, from Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi (India)


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