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My passion is to turn I Can’t into I Can

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I have a love of theatre and encourage everyone to push their boundaries and challenge themselves.

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I have worked in the commercial business world and gained experience before moving into my passion for teaching. I want to concentrate on turning students I Can't statements into I Can, I believe that everyone has the potential to achieve they just need the correct guidance and that all important Mindset. Each student is different and gains the knowledge and understanding in different ways, as a tutor it is my job to find that way and release that potential.

My approach to teaching is to find the right method for the student. I believe each student has their own style of learning and we need to harness that style in order to succeed. I discuss the needs of the student and then assess the ability through a test. From the results I create a individual learning plan, using this plan we work together to find the best learning style ( practical, theory based, written, spoken, mix of styles) to turn the student from a knowledge and understanding into a expert and evaluator. I aim to have my students having a positive growth mindset and leave saying I Can do that!

Client Reviews

Hannah - Business Studies

Very helpful

Hannah - Business Studies

Great balance between questions and wise informative teaching

Zufra - Business Studies

it was amazing i understood most of the stuff and she explained to me thing that i didnt get so it was helpfull

Semilore - Business Studies

AMAZING teaching. Highly recommended. Thank you for the past months of learning. It was an absolute pleasure and my grades went from bellow D to A-A* so thank you very much.

jackie - Business Studies

really good and helpful


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