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About Me

I am a highly passionate mathematician and teacher. I am lucky that my passions align with my profession.
It is an enjoyable hobby of mine to both solve and create mathematical problems.
I am working on a project to create accessible and visual mathematics that people all around the world can learn from.

Outside of mathematics I love music and rock climbing.

Tutor Experience

Specialist in Oxbridge entrance exams (MAT, STEP, TMUA, ect…).
Successfully coached students to think through tricky problems for Maths Olympiad preparation.
I have won Gold medals in national and international level Olympiads.
Taught many different university topics (e.g. Analysis, Linear algebra, Abstract algebra, Combinatorics, Probability, Geometry, …). If it’s undergraduate or masters level, the odds are I’ve taught it.
I have done educational advisory for companies.

Topic Expertise

Experienced with Oxbridge entrance exams (STEP, MAT, TMUA, CSAT, ect.)
University Undergraduate Mathematics
University Graduate Mathematics
Olympiad Mathematics
Mathematics Consulting
All A-level Mathematics

Client Reviews

Marc is definitely enjoying the class! Thank you!

- Mathematics

Great first lesson


If I could add extra stars, I would still need extra stars to rate with.

- Mathematics

Lots of new interesting/unexpected calculus results in this lesson, all explained really well.

- Oxbridge Entrance

Isaac can go through difficult topics efficiently and accurately. Brought out the fun part of mathematics.

- Mathematics

Made the really tough topics much easier to interpret.

- Mathematics

Isaac is a great tutor, he went over a lot of practice exams with me and helped me figure out how to solve the problems independently, and also made sure I got a thorough understanding of why a certain technique worked. I feel confident that I will be able to pass my exam now and maybe even get a near-perfect score.

- Mathematics

Really amazing tutor. Went the extra mile time and time again. Increased my confidence so much and made me believe in myself as a mathematician. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

- Mathematics

Really enjoyable classes by Isaac. Thank you so much!


Thank god I found you to help me with a semester's worth of Differential Geometry. I actually thought it was impossible to cover the material in a mere 20 days but heh, we actually did it.

- Mathematics

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