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I love to learn. I always like to learn new things. My interests are varied, from Martial Arts to Horse Riding, Football and most sports. Equally I like to keep afield of more serious matters such as politics etc. Then there is Yoga which I attend at least once per week, usually being the only male in the class. Currently, I'm teaching myself to juggle. I can juggle three balls and can juggle two balls in both left and right hand. Why learn to juggle I'm asked. Why not I answer!

Topic Expertise

Computer Science is my specialism. I am fully familiar with the specification, content and requirements of all exam boards for Computer Science.
All my academic qualifications, teaching and tutoring experience is Computer Science.
Thus, the only subject I provide tuition in is Computer Science, specialising solely in the subject.


Myles has been consistently brilliant. His care and concern and effort to help my son - goes way beyond what I expected. He encourages him and offers advice that often my son refuses to take from his parents. He has also liaised with his teachers to see which areas he needed most help with. I’ve been delighted.

Hello Myles, I would just like to thank you for your help in attaining a level 9 at GCSE. I got overall best in Computer Science at 99%. Student K.

Very professional, experienced and can hold our sons attention which is a skill! Extremely pleased and our son is catching up well.

Myles is a fantastic tutor. I`ve really enjoyed my sessions with him. He knows his subject well and clearly, has a passion for it. Great teacher

Myles was an excellent and helpful tutor who provided that additional input and helped my son focus on the areas he was struggling with.

Myles is fantastic. While tutoring my son online, he is helpful and very thorough when explaining. He always informs me of his progress. My son`s confidence has increased ten folds and I can`t recommend him enough. Thanks for all you help Myles. Brilliant! (Parent)

Client Reviews

Mark - Computer Science

Finished off guess the number game. Excellent teacher. Really good at explaining clearly.

Mark - Computer Science

Superb lesson.

Mark - Computer Science

Very useful class.

Mark - Computer Science

Really informative lesson. Teacher fantastic.

Olivia - Computer Science

Myles has, from the start, known exactly what I've needed to grow as a learner. He found the gaps in my knowledge and has filled them in, so now I'm confident on every topic we have studied for my A Level - he even helped me fill in gaps I didn't realise existed! His teaching style is incredible because he knows exactly when to 'take a back seat' or to jump in and start leading the session again, which has really helped with my confidence. No question I had ever went unanswered, and he is clear in his explanations and very considerate when it's obvious I'm struggling. Thanks Myles!

Mark - Computer Science

Amazing first lesson.

Anton - Computer Science

Last class before the exam on Tuesday. It has been an amazing run with Myles. The best tutor hands down. I will miss our lessons every Tuesday and Thursday. They have always been fun and informative at the same time and I always enjoyed our sessions. He is a top quality tutor and if tutors of other subjects were as passionate as him then we would all be getting A's and A*'s.

Anton - Computer Science

Great lesson on Binary, Deanery and Hex conversions. Last ever lesson on Saturday, gonna miss our lessons.

Mandy - Computer Studies

Myles explained everything in a way that in one hour, I have a better understanding of my Python project. Thank you.

Anton - Computer Science

Last session before paper 1. Myles has been great with everything he has done.


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