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I am a natural collaborator with tutees, delivering swift improvements to exam results whilst guiding and ensuring long-term, high-level development.

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About me

I live in rural West Yorkshire with my Shetland Sheepdog and my family (my dog is called Skye; my family's names I forget). Being brought up here, it is no surprise I am a keen runner, walker and rock climber.

My greatest interest, however, is theatre. Whilst studying at Cambridge I was lucky enough to perform in many student shows at the ADC Theatre (where Cambridge Footlights such as Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie had their first successes), and so can claim to have been seduced, murdered, and thrown into a pond on the same stage used by Derek Jacobi. In the summer of 2015 I was a cast member in the University's Pembroke Players Japan Tour, taking Shakespeare's 'The Comedy of Errors' to venues across Tokyo, Okinawa, and London.

If I am not travelling, I tend to be planning my next trip - I spent the summer of 2014 teaching English in Himachal Pradesh, India, and conducting research on Tibetan refugees for my undergraduate degree. I have travelled independently in Vietnam and across Europe. Having visited the United States on a few occasions, South America is looking to be the next project!

Tutor Experience

A drive for education and learning runs in my family - my mother (a first-generation undergraduate, now a college-level teacher) taught me the values I apply to my tutoring and personal studies equally: integrity, humility, hard work, and a love of academia.

Through these values, I have developed a proven, effective approach to tutoring. I have a comprehensive understanding of marking practice and curricula at GCSE, AS and A-Level (receiving a 99.3% average score across my Medieval History, English Literature, and Philosophy of Religion A-Levels). As a mentor with the Cambridge University SU Shadowing Scheme I have provided close support to students from underprivileged backgrounds throughout the Cambridge admissions process. Put simply, whether you are revising for an AS exam or preparing for interview, I can offer detailed guidance that drives towards specific academic goals.

I believe that the best academics are those with a flair and energy that comes from a deep enthusiasm for their subject. This sense of a curious and enquiring mind is the mark of truly high-quality work, and is one of the primary qualities for which Oxbridge interviewers search. This is not something that can necessarily be 'taught' - yet it is an ideal that runs through my tuition, synergising academic rigour with individuality and originality, allowing tutees to deploy their own chara...

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